Yamaha Royal Star Venture S

Motorbike: Yamaha Pictures 2013 Royal Star Venture S Specifications, Review

Yamaha Pictures 2013 Royal Star Venture S Specifications, Review a singular of motorbike parts details. Here motorcycles as well as motor bike information, happy to read Yamaha Pictures 2013 Royal Star Venture S Specifications, Review information.

The critical open-road, oppulance furloughed actor with a 5 year warranty…

2013 Yamaha Royal Star Venture S Review

Venture from Coast to Coast.

A super well-spoken 1298cc V-Four glass cooled powerplant wrapped in a tall tensile steel await built to lift twin people as well as copiousness of gear in idealisation twin wheel comfort. When it comes to saying North America in detail, there’s no improved approach to do it than by roving a 2013 Yamaha Venture.

The Royal Star Venture S, a classical furloughed bike which turns each conduct on a retard with its neat lack of simplicity as well as classical good looks. Plus all a comforts as well as prolonged stretch joy we would pattern on a furloughed motorcycle.

We’ve sum copiousness of chrome to emanate a Royal Star Venture S. It’s got a eye-popping character as well as a well-spoken opening of a oppulance furloughed bike, with twin unequivocally delectable sum features: a surprisingly low price tab as well as a 5-year, sum mileage warranty.

2013 Yamaha Royal Star Venture S Key Features

US MPG Fuel Consumption: 39 mpg; Fuel Consumption ± 18kpl/51mpg(Imp)

1,294cc, liquid-cooled V-4

Luggage space to spare

This entirely installed oppulance furloughed appurtenance comes with all critical riders need, together with a four-speaker receptive to advice complement with a Star-branded iPod touch,® a CB radio, intercom system, as well as AM/FM air wave sum with a absolute as well as well-spoken V-four

engine as well as front finish chrome accents.

There’s copiousness of lockable storage in a form of a 15-gallon case as well as a span of color-matched 9.3-gallon sidebags; that’s 33.6 gallons total.

Ergonomically written bucket-type seats with plush, wraparound newcomer backrest for unbeatable long-range comfort.

Industry’s premier rider await package includes a five-year, sum mileage guaranty as well as 24-hour roadside benefit program.

The Royal Star Venture S gets chrome accents to a front end.

2013 Yamaha Royal Star Venture S Features as well as Benefits


•1,294cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, V-4 powerplant produces class-leading energy – 98hp as well as limit hanging ornament of 89 ft-lb @ 4,750 rpm – for glorious furloughed performance.

•4 valves per cylinder conduct pattern ensures limit respirating potency for good engine performance.

•Four Mikuni BDSR 32mm carburetors with TPS broach seamless stifle response.

•Each carburetor features a singular 15-watt heater to safeguard unchanging fuel/air smoothness underneath varying temperatures.

•Huge air box genius provides well-developed airflow to assistance progress both hanging ornament as well as power.

•Dual money coming in complement enhances opening but sacrificing fuel tank capacity.

•Large-capacity radiator ensures higher engine cooling for limit efficiency.

•Single-axis, inner engine opposite balancer reduces engine quivering for limit rider as well as newcomer comfort.

•Wide-ratio, 5-speed delivery with 5th gear overdrive reduces engine rpm at main highway speeds for smooth, loose touring.

•Maintenance-free, light-action hydraulic clutch

•Smooth, clean, quiet, low-maintenance missile drive

•4-into-2 empty complement puts out a guttural empty note as well as creates a long, low form that’s simply customizable.

•Maintenance-free transistorized curl ignition (TCI) provides a accurate timing bend at all rpms for present engine reply as well as fast, certain starts.

•Automatic cam sequence tensioners revoke upkeep as well as involuntary engine noise.

•Air initiation complement (A.I.S.) reduces damaging CO as well as HC emissions.

•Spin-on sort oil filter equates to fast, easy oil changes.

•Easy-to-use heel-toe shifter highlights a classical retro design.

•Numerous chromed engine parts prominence honour of tenure as well as courtesy to detail.

Chassis as well as Suspension:

•High-integrity, double-cradle steel await with plain engine ascent as well as 29° caster point of view delivers manageable steering as well as glorious handling.

•Long 1,705mm (67.1″) wheelbase provides good rider carry out as well as glorious stability.

•Long wheelbase additionally creates unusually ample ergonomics for limit rider as well as newcomer furloughed comfort.

•Air-adjustable, 43mm front flare with 140mm (5.6″) of wheel transport smoothes out a bumps as well as can be practiced for varying bucket capacities.

•Air-adjustable, couple rear cessation features a plumb mounted singular startle for which classical hardtail demeanour as well as superb long-distance ride quality. Rear wheel transport is 105mm (4.1″).

•Air adjustability allows a rider to regulate rear cessation preload to compare bucket as well as highway conditions.

•Dual 298mm front discs are squeezed by identical tiwn piston calipers whilst a outrageous 320mm rear front utilizes a 4 piston caliper to yield strong, linear interlude power.

•Wide, fork-mounted fairing with breeze deflectors as well as frame-mounted revoke cowlings suggest superb breeze as well as continue protection.

•Full-sized, floating-type rider as well as newcomer floorboards revoke quivering as well as are positioned for optimal long-distance comfort.

•Easy-to-reach, 1-inch, rubber-mounted handlebars revoke vibration.

•22.5-litre fuel tank with low-fuel notice light ensures superb long-distance furloughed range.

Yamaha Royal Star Venture S
Yamaha Royal Star Venture S

•Large, absolute 12V 60/55-watt halogen headlight maximizes night prominence whilst slicing a in vogue profile.

•Remote tractable headlight aiming with in a centre located carry out helps recompense for changes in load.

•Vintage-style instrument console features: digital speedometer, odometer, twin tripmeters, fuel haven tripmeter, time as well as fuel gauge.

•Convenient electronic journey carry out system. Switch is located on right handlebar for palliate of use.

•Clarion AM/FM cassette stereo features involuntary volume carry out (AVC), 18-FM presets, 6-AM presets, lonesome cassette rug as well as remote controllers for rider as well as passenger. There is a front auxillary plug-in for an MP3 player.

•Four weather-resistant speakers (2-front/2-rear) with 14-watts per channel

•Handlebar-mounted 40-channel CB radio

•Two-way rider/passenger intercom system

•Huge, 57-litre rear case with easy, one-touch opener can reason twin full-faced helmets.

•Colour-matched, tough saddlebags feature handy, one-touch openers as well as suggest 35-litres of storage per bag.

Additional Features:

• Low-maintenance, eighteen amp hermetic battery ensures easy, arguable starting.

• Self-canceling spin signalswith in vogue transparent lens.

• Incomparable Star fit as well as finish includes perfect paint with endless chrome as well as brushed immaculate steel accents, as well as low valanced steel fenders.

• Ignition switch, with integrated steering lock, as well as appendage on all sides is mounted at a front of fuel tank for one more convenience.

• twelve volt cigarette lighter-style fairing mounted DC outlet

• twelve volt DC connector located underneath a rider chair for one more accessories

• Chrome engine guards, buffer trim as well as 3-D Venture front buffer mascot prominence forlorn styling as well as courtesy to detail.

• Chrome handlebar switches

• Padded newcomer squeeze rails

• Extra far-reaching purchase as well as stop levers

• Blacked-out engine retard with discriminating cooling fin edges

• Chromed front flare assembly

• 3-D Venture fuel tank emblem

Exclusive Royal Star 5-year sum mileage warranty

2013 Yamaha Royal Star Venture S

Yamaha Royal Star Venture S
Yamaha Royal Star Venture S
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