Benelli Tornado Novocento Limited Edition


THE PROJECT: A rule that every designer knows well: if you want to realize a leading-edge Formula One, inspired by aerospace technology, if you want a modern high-performance motorcycle, look to the world of Formula One.

At the end of seventies, Formula One racing cars had a front radiator, but it was clear that this choice considerably limited any progress in streamlining and also in defining the vehicle. Shortly afterwards, radiators were placed to the side and progress had a chance to develop much quicker. From this standpoint, today’s motorcycles are still tied to the past: the frontal radiator offers mediocre performance and drastically limits streamlining, which also affects the development of the entire vehicle.

AGAINST TRADITION: The front radiator of a multicylinder motorbike, engaged in cooling the liquid inside thanks to the air outside at lower temperature, is actually heated because the exhaust manifolds are positioned very close to it. The design engineers are therefore compelled to increase the radiant surface to obtain the desired performance,but the cross section of the front air inlet ports also increases.

On the Tornado, the radiator is tucked away under the seat and receives cool air from two dynamic ducts, fed by two narrow vertical inlet ports under the turn lights. This solution caused raised eyebrows when the motorbike was first, but all the tests conducted so far have shown that this is the right choice. Road tests conducted in summer at very high environmental temperatures have shown that this solution is perfectly compatible with the best performance of the motorbike, on the road and on the track.

Benelli Tornado Novocento Limited Edition
Benelli Tornado Novocento Limited Edition

REDUCED DIMENSIONS: Furthermore, this prevents heat from gathering in the middle of the vehicle, and therefore the rider is freed of those hot blasts on legs and chest, every time he stops or rides slowly. This solution offers a further advantage: the rear radiator, unaffected by heat coming from the engine, can be 20 percent smaller than a traditional frontal radiator, to the advantage of easier positioning inside the vehicle and relative weight reduction.

A SURPRISING SHAPE: From above, the Tornado highlights an absolutely unusual structure. The front, thanks to the lack of a radiator, is very tapered. The bike widens out at the tank and engine, then narrows at the saddle, to better gather the rider’s legs.

This results in truly top-level streamlining, and perfect for high-speed riding, when it takes a lot of power to break the air-barrier formed in front of the bike.

Benelli Tornado Novocento Limited Edition

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