Gilera Nexus 125

Gilera Nexus 125 test i.e.

January 27, 2012 | Filed under: Gilera | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

For 2009, the Gilera Nexus 125 adopts the injection. Maintaining the same aesthetic, the Italian scooter to take this development to refine its dynamic qualities and improve its services in urban use. Definitely a must.

Among the wide range of scooters 125, the Nexus is probably the one that comes closest to the bike, as well as its sport-Ismaili philosopher by GT design using a generously dimensioned chassis. The new Gilera Nexus 125 i.e. mod. 2009 takes the concept one step further now since it takes the skin and especially the skeleton of the 300 cc model, neither more nor less.

More than enough to absorb the 14.9 ch. at 9750 rev / min for the new fuel-injected engine.

The same … and better

To take place aboard the Gilera Nexus 125 ie, one must first climb over the wide center tunnel hosting the 15-liter tank before climbing on a saddle perched 815 mm, measurements worthy of a Shiver 750, the excellent roadster Aprilia sports. For his part with a new front rim 15-inch diameter, the Nexus offers a stable and precise steering. Its center of gravity enhanced by carefully compared to other scooters GT encourages swing almost like a motorcycle when changing angles.

Finally, once placed in the path, the Nexus is controlled look. Suspensions strongly absorb the irregularities of asphalt even at maximum speed. On the flat and well launched, you will manage to tickle the 130 km / h, depending on the counter certainly optimistic.

Anyway, on the road and on main roads, the Gilera Nexus 125 ie always appears at ease. In short, the Nexus 2009 is the same … and better.

Gilera Nexus 125: new force

Prone to wide open spaces, the old model carbureted showed himself much less to his advantage between two traffic lights. The small cylinder which was then fitted to find it difficult to take off promptly at 174 pounds dry. Good news, the new engine gives it a breath now more in keeping with its sporty look. Slightly more muscular mid-range, it mainly benefits a much more suitable for transmission his size worthy of a maxi-scooter.

Gilera Nexus 125

Once the throttle, the needle of the tachometer literally rushes to 8000 rev / min, maximum torque regime.

A key acceleration convincing, without downtime or brutality. Indeed, although fresh out of box, our test scooter is a candle to the Yamaha X-Max, which is already a slacker … Associated with the handling over the lot, this new force is small spice commuting. Soon, one begins to play: it no longer leads, the driver. Then we regret even more the lack of bite and the modest power of the single disc front brake.

Fortunately, his counterpart installed in the rear is able to compensate for its effectiveness. The combined use of two levers can therefore contain any complacency. A change of platelets might improve the situation.

Second disappointment in terms of appetite boiling youngest of the family Nexus. Advertised as 20% lower during the official presentation, we have not seen any reduction in fuel consumption during this first test. L./100 with 4.76 km, it remains very similar to that measured with the previous version, and even higher than its big brother than 300 cc.

Observations into perspective in view of the severe winter conditions.

However, we welcome the reduction in operating costs promised by intervals of review brought to 10 000 km.

Rewarding stopped, just as attractive on the road and much more efficient in the city, the Gilera Nexus 125 ie enters the concessions with arguments sharp. Displayed at the same rate as the Yamaha X-Max 125 and the Honda S-Wing 125 . it offers a tasty alternative sports fans GT scooters. A check at the next comparison.

Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 125
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