2004 MV Agusta F4 Ago


Giacomo Agostini and MV AGUSTA have created the legend of motorcycling. A relationship born in 1965 thanks to the intuition of Count Domenico Agusta that saw in the youngster from Bergamo a valid team mate that could support the unforgettable Mike Hailwood. In reality, Agostini never played that role but instead immediately imposed himself to the eyes of the fans as the rising star of motorcycling.

A few months were sufficient to see him overcome his team mate during the Nurburgring Gran Prix. This victory, achieved on the most difficult circuits of that time, marked the beginning of an era that lasted seventeen years. A period in which fourteen world titles were won by the union Agostini-MV AGUSTA. ten victories in the Tourist Trophy and over 250 victories. history.

But Agostini is not just the rider with most victories in the history of motorcycling. Ago is the ambassador of our sport and of MV AGUSTA in the world.

His pleasant character and film star-like smile and look enabled the man from Bergamo to gain and maintain popularity all over the world. From unbeatable rider to a star of the big screen, from successful team manager (with the Cagiva GP) to disputed television opinionis. Agostini today also inspires the new F4 AGO, a motorcycle destined to become a tribute to motorcycle history.


The F4 Ago is a motorcycle of irresistible attraction, dominated by technology and enriched by prestigious components capable of offering concepts recalling the feats of MV AGUSTA and Giacomo Agostini. Coloured obviously in red and silver and configured only as a single seater, the bike represents an important chapter in history to the eyes of the fans. The attention is immediately focused on the presence of Agostini’s race number placed on a nostalgic yellow stickers on the side fairings.

This is where the trip into the glorious past of the invincible record machines of Agostini’s era and the insurmountable technical features of today’s MV AGUSTA begins. The rediscovered historic brand placed triumphantly onto the airbox is an invitation to ride.

The airbox is coloured obviously in red like those used by Agostini, and is coated in precious alcantara whilst boasting the F4 brand embroided onto the upper cushion. From the riding position, where anyone can easily find the correct settings thanks to the new adjustable footrests, one enjoys the most gratifying view possibly desired: new rev counter with white background and blue figures which includes Agostini’s signature, and on the steering head (which is painted in sparkling titanium like all the other parts in aluminium) an18kt gold plate, personalized for every single client with their name and motorcycle’s serial number. From this angle it is still possible to distinguish the red that emerges from the frame in memorial of the grand prix motorcycles.

In this Italian motorcycle-rider union, it’s worthwhile mentioning the tricolore that has a proud place on the single seater tailend, where the identifying logo of this spectacular MV AGUSTA creation is found.

The five hundred owners that have the privilege of sharing the emotion of owning an F4 AGO will receive a precious kit created for this model, a certificate of authenticity signed by Giacomo Agostini to guarantee consumer protection for this limited edition..

The chassis:

The F4 AGO is created with the objective of positioning itself at the highest level of the MV AGUSTA 2003 range. For this reason, the motorcycle is enriched in the chassis department by exclusive accessories aimed at optimising the dynamic characteristics offered by the new Evolution engine which has 146 hp.

The principal modifications are:

The new design Marchesini wheels in forged aluminium alloy

Single block Nissin Racing six piston brake calipers.

Front disc brakes (310mm) with aluminium flange (derived from the Serie Oro).

Marzocchi 50mm fork embellished by the titanium nitride treatment.

Sachs Racing shock absorber with double adjustment for compression. (high and low speed)

The Engine:

The F4 AGO, like the SPR is equipped with the most powerful engine of the F4 range. Derived from the EV engine, it differs by the following:

New inlet and exhaust ducts (geometry and flux).

New inlet and exhaust profiles (greater lift and duration).

New timing buckets with new surface treatment

New springs for inlet valves.

New Mahle pistons.

Increased compression ratio.

Reinforced clutch (discs with different trim and material).

Close ratio gearbox with new longer first gear .

Three different final ratios homologated (15/37, 38, 39).

Rev limiter at 13,900rpm.

The engine of the AGO, like SPR and the S EVO3, gets the external painting of the following components:

Clutch cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey.

Sprocket cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey.

Phonic wheel cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey.

Design and equipment:

The distinguishing features of the F4 AGO are:

Graphics of historical inspiration.

Yellow number plate

Historical MV AGUSTA logo on the tank

Front mudgard, tank protection and single seater with the tricolore logo

Ago logo

Grills placed in the fairing outlets.

Frame coloured in red.

Seat in red alcantara with the F4 brand embroided on the upper cushion.

Adjustable footrests obtained by single block.

Sparkling titanium painting on:

Handlebar balancer

Swingarm support plates

Single-sided swingarm.

Titanium shining treatment for:

Marchesini wheels

Steering plates

Adjustable footrests optioned by single block.

Saddle support frame

Organ pipe silencers

Gold plate on the steering head which indicates the serial number and the Ago’s signature

Instrumentation with stopwatch function inserted in the display and rev counter white background and blue figures bearing Giacomo Agostini’s signature.

KIT carbon fibre comprising of:

Front mudguard

Ignition switch cover

Left and right side panels for the airbox

Rear chainguard protection

Lower chainguard protection

Left and right inlet ducts

The exclusive kit of AGO:

Titanium exhaust outlet manifolds

Ago Corsa open silencers complete with its eprom

Rear sprocket z37 e z39

Bike cover AGO style

Rear workstands

Grip cover set

MV Agusta overall

Official Catalogue of MV Agusta Special Parts

MV Agusta 1000 Ago


Engine Type – Four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve

Timing system – D.O.H.C, radial valve

Total displacement – 45.7 cu. in.

Compression ratio – 13:1

Starting – Electric

Bore x stroke – 2.9 in. x 1.7 in.

Max. horse power – r.p.m. (at the crankshaft) – 107,3 Kw (146 HP) at 13000 – Lim. 13900 r.p.m. with AGO CORSA + Eprom

Max. torque – r.p.m. – 8,2 Kgm at 11000

Cooling system – Liquid cooled, water-oil heat exchanger

Engine management system – Weber Marelli 1,6 M ignition – injection integrated system; induction discharge electronic ignition,Multipoint electronic injection

Clutch – Wet, multi – disc

Gear Box – Cassette gearbox; six speed, constant mesh

Primary drive – 47/81

Gear ratio – Close ratio (n�3 final ratio equipment), First gear: Speed* 15/37 90.9 mph 93.3 mph 95.8 mph at 13900 r.p.m. Second gear: Speed* 16/33 108.7 mph 111.6 mph 114.6 mph at 13900 r.p.m. Third gear: Speed* 15/27 124.6 mph 127.8 mph 131.3 mph at 13900 r.p.m. Fourth gear: Speed* 19/30 142.0 mph 145.8 mph 149.7 mph at 13900 r.p.m. Fifth gear: Speed* 23/33 156.3 mph 160.4 mph 164.8 mph at 13900 r.p.m.

Sixth gear: Speed* 18/24 168.2 mph 172.6 mph 177.6 mph at 13900 r.p.m. Final velocity ratio 15×39 15 x 38 15×37

Voltage – 12 V

Alternator – 650 W at 5000 r.p.m.

Battery – 12 V – 9 Ah

Wheelbase – 55.04 in.

Overall length – 79.01 in.

Overall width – 26.97 in.

Saddle height – 31.10 in.

Min. ground clearance – 5.12 in.

Trail – 3.87 in.

Dry weight – 413.6 lb

Fuel tank capacity – 4.6 Brit. gal. ( reserve fuel: 0.88 Brit. gal. )

Maximum speed* – 177.6 mph

Frame – Type – CrMo Steel tubular trellis (TIG welded), Rear swing arm pivot plates: material Aluminium alloy

Front Suspension Type- UPSIDE – DOWN telescopic hydraulic fork with rebound-compression damping and spring preload adjustment. Rod dia. 1.97 in. with Titanium Nitride anti-friction treatment.

Travel on leg axis 4.65 in.

Rear Suspension Type – Progressive, single shock absorber with rebound and compression (High speed / Low speed) damping and spring preload. Single sided swing arm: materiale Aluminium alloy. Wheel travel 4.72 in.

Front brake – Double steel floating disc. Flange: material Aluminium, disc dia.; caliper piston number and dia. 12.2 in.; 6 with 0.89 in. dia.; 1.00 in. dia.; 1.19 in. dia.

Rear brake – Single steel disc disc dia.; caliper piston number and dia. 8.27 in.; 4 with 1.00 in. dia.

Rim – Front: Material / size Forged aluminium alloy 3,50 x 17 , Rear: Material / size Forged aluminium alloy 5,50 x 17

Tyres, Front – 120/65 – ZR 17 (56 W), Rear – 180/55 – ZR 17 (73 W) or 190/50 – ZR 17 (73 W)

Fairing Material – Thermoplastic and carbon fibre.

MV Agusta Motorcycles is committed to the constant improvement of our products.Therefore the information and technical characteristics of the vehicles are subject to change without notice.

* = Top speed attained on closed course.

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