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In 2013, MV Agusta continued to produce real double digit sales growth by the addition of another stronger 3 cylinder engine model range. The F3 Brutale 800, and the new stronger 4 cylinder F4RR and Brutale 1090. The Brutale line now has a new 1090RR Corsa model.

Each of these new models was a instant success with fans and customers internationally.

In the third quarter this year, the Rivale 800 has burst upon the international motorcycle worlds in MV Agusta dealerships to meet the strong customer advanced orders. At ECIMA 2012 the Rivale 800 was crowned king. Each of the new MV Agusta model is built around a dedicated engine package that has been artfully crafted to the specific performance needs of displace market.

The F3 800 and the Rivale 800 are now joined by the dedicated the “Turismo Veloce”. The Turismo Veloce 800 product line has been custom designed to meet the needs of the high speed touring customers. So look out BMW Honda.

But the real tip of the spear that MV Agusta has gifted luxury performance touring customers.

Is the “Lusso 800” Turismo Veloce. The advanced engine management systems and suspension made for the Italian concept of “2 UP” luxury touring market. The balance of power, style and weight.

The BMW touring line of motorcycles while graceful are really designed more like a luxury “pickup truck” of motorcycles.

MV Agusta’s success is expected to be even more dramatic now that on November 15, 2013 in Varase- after more than 37 years of it’s last Grand Prix competition, MV Agusta announced it’s return to the World Championship of racing. MV Agusta won 37 constructors and 38 world championship riders titles.

Giovanni Castiglioni took over the reigns of MV Agusta upon the death of his father. The company’s growth and success is directly to Giovanni’s vision and steward ship of his fathers vision. As well as his talents as a razor sharp business professional.

MV Agusta has announced a contract between MV Agusta and Yahnich Motorsport.

The Russian Yaknich Motorsport team has already show they are one of the strongest teams in the world championship by winning the 2013 World Supersport title, just two years after their entry into the championship !

Yakhnich Motorsport is the organizer of the World Superbike round in Russia. The signed agreement signed by MV Agusta and the Russian team now creates the official “MV Agusta Reparto Corse – Yaknich Motorsport Team. The new team will participate in the World Superbike and World Supersport Championships in 2014.MV Agusta and Yakhnich Motorsport will jointly develop racing bikes for both the Superbike and Supersport world series.

The new MV Agusta Reparto Corse – Yakhnich Motorsport team will debut it’s new riders for both classes at the end of November.

MV Agusta’s growth plans are moving forward a blistering pace, but under a carefully blue printed master plan. Back in June of 2013 MV Agusta hired, Giorgio Girelli to be the new Executive Vice President of MV Agusta Motor Spa. Over the next 3 years Girelli’s infulence will be to begin the process aimed at expanding international markets.

For which clear and strong results have been seen in the sales and earnings. Girelli outlined his aim for doubling sales and building a solid capital structure. This will create the final outcome of a public stock offering on a major stock exchange.

Based in the explosive market results and rocketing sales of MV Agusta world wide in both 2012 and 2013. It would logical to expect to see 2014 be another high double digit sales and earnings growth. MV Agusta has earned the title as the most profitable and best managed motorcycle company in the industry today. If I were Audi. who just recently purchased Ducati.

I would be very worried. As the leader for Italian Motorcycle brands is clearly MV Agusta. Bravo my friends!

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