Yamaha YZ 450F


Posted 29 July 2007 – 06:11 PM

Ok this is a true honest opinion of what I thought of the 2008 yz 450f. I am a proud owner of a 2006 yz450f also.

I started it up and ran it through a few heat cycles then I decided to take it for a few runs up the road. Right away I knoticed it backfired on decel and it had a really rough feel to it. It was lurching forward and didnt seem to be jetted correctly at all.

After I put it on the truck it was time to head to the track.

Right away I noticed how quiet it seemed. It was so quiet it gave you the sense it wasnt fast. Wait a minute IT WASNT FAST AT ALL. I quickkly realized the motor had NO BOTTOM END POWER at all. It seemed like it pulled ok when it was in the higher RPM ranges, but I wasnt too sure because again the bike was so quiet you couldnt tell.

I would honestly say my 2006 still had much more power and a better hit then this 08 especially in the low rpm ranges. I was also having to shift this bike constantly to make it work. I really need to get this problem figured out.

Im sure jetting and some other mods could bring the botton back from the dead and some more power on top would be good too. I think possibly a bigger rear sproket is in order also.

Well that was what I thought of the motor and let me tell you what I thought about the handling cornering and suspension.


As much as the motor totally sucked, the cornering from the 2006-2007 models was astounding. It turned into tight inside lines, you could sit on the edge of the seat and let it hang out and if it got sideways you could countersteer I and feel totally in control. I was able to put the front end anywhere I wanted with 100% confidence. It cornered like my old 125 use to. The suspension was right on par with the 2006-07 stuff if not better.

Even though I felt the motor was slowing me down I know I was turning faster laps on this new 08 becasuse my 06 does not corner at all.

Does anyone know how to make this motor come to life? Its so electric sounding, has bad jetting, its hard to start and it does not have any power.

I have not read any reviews so I not repeating stuff that has already been said. I am telling you what I thought of this 2008 yz 450f today.

Overall I would give up a powerful motor for good cornering capabilites because I know someone can help me get this motor working and this bike will be perfect.

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