PGO Ligero 100
PGO Ligero 100

Ready to marry somebody honest, reliable and oh so cute? The PGO Ligero 150 is not only waiting but is also very willing.


As most major brands turn to manufacturing scooters on the Chinese mainland to reduce costs, PGO prides itself on sticking true to its roots in Taiwan. Wearing the Made in Taiwan badge proudly, all PGO scooters share that same sense of quality. PGO has always been renowned for building honest reliable scooters for the real world.

With this in mind we now see a rejuvenated model range being imported and distributed under a new entity in Australia. Motorsport Importers has been handed the batten and believes strongly that PGO has got what it takes to become one of the more prominent brands being sold on the Australian market today.

History lesson over we recently spent time with each of the new scooters being introduced in the PGO range. First up we take a look at the PGO Ligero 150.


PGO has always been a proven package, massaged over time they get it right. That pretty much sums up the Ligero. Sold in different markets around the world under different names and different configurations (Bu Bu), our Ligero 150 shares specifications with its American cousin the Buddy.

White wall tyres and larger then normal headlamp are two features specific to our Australian model.

The Ligero 150 looks classic. Even though this is a long standing model, with the classic look you can get away with being timeless. Our Ligero 150 with its white colour scheme really did look fresh and appealing on the eye.

The 10 inch white walls also play a part and it helps that the Ligero has plenty shapes and curves in all the right places. That headlamp is the stand-out feature for me, it sure does look the goods.

The dash on the Ligero 150 follows on from the headlight, shaped nicely with a large fuel and Speedo gauge taking centre stage. Whilst up front a very handy open glove box allows you to carry smaller items without the need for opening any doors. You probably wont see the significance of this till you marry the Ligero but believe me its a nice feature.

The key operated under seat storage will fit the largest of helmets regardless of size or style. And under the seat you will also find two handy helmet hooks, sometimes a forgotten feature but a must in any scooterists language. A bag hook and flat floor finish off a scooter with a host of handy storage options.

A rear rack remains optional if required.

Small in stature the Ligero 150 weighs in at only 107 kg and has a seat height of just 750 mm. This needs to be highlighted as a separate feature all-together. For many riders a smaller more manageable option is sometimes not always available and PGO sure does fill the void of being a large capacity, low seat height option for the masses. Normally a lower seat height option means stepping down to a lower capacity.

With the Ligero 150 you get over 10 hp in an easy to manage package regardless of your length.

The motor on the Ligero 150 is another strong feature. Even though compliant for Euro 4 the Ligero remains capable of 100 km/h plus. The single cylinder 4 stroke engine has been a long standing unit that remains highly acclaimed, ultra reliable with plenty on tap.

The Ligero 150 also runs an oil filter for improved engine life.

Braking is taken care of by a disc up front and complimented with a rear drum. The centre stand is also complimented with a side stand that works. An adjustable single shock on the rear takes care of the handling nicely.

If you circle the Ligero looking at various parts and the way its all put together, it sure is impressive. Yes it may be basic like the steel wheels for example might suggest, but it sure is put together well.

On the Road

On the road the Ligero 150 feels compact, sharp and very easy to manage. If your a bit taller then the long flat seat will allow you to stretch out. Really the Ligero will fit a large cross section of shapes and sizes and thus remains comfortable no matter who is on board.

You immediately feel the effect of the 10 inch wheels as you only need to think about cornering and the Ligero darts off in a new direction. This combined with plenty of power means that the Ligero 150 punches well above its weight. Take the Ligero 150 on face value and you will be poorer for it, this is one highly competent scooter for the open road.

A competent commuter it truly is.

Most bumps on the road are taken care of by a chassis that has been slowly honed over the years to provide an all round suitable compliance. The Ligero will remain smooth and steady, the single shock on the rear does its part, its a great match. Sure at higher speeds the 10 inch wheels will make you feel your doing twice the speed but the Ligero 150 remains stable and is never flustered.

PGO Ligero 100
PGO Ligero 100

Acceleration is brisk and maintaining the speed is no problem at all but when its comes time to whack on the brakes, hauling the Ligero 150 up is an easy process. You see this package is all about the weight. Moving the scooter around or placing the Ligero on the centre stand is an easy process due to its sheer lack of size. Parking in a tight spot or fitting through a narrow gap, just another benefit.

Its just with the Ligero you get a scooter also capable of doing over the magic ton. Nice.

Two up will be dependent on the size of the occupants and everything is in place to carry a second person if required. Remember its a 150 and you have the power to do so.


The Scooterman Says,

A retro style 150 from Taiwan. Looks a treat in white with matching white walled tyres.

Got it brand new but the engine showed that it has poke and I’m sure that it will easily cruise at 100+k/h. Nice crisp exhaust note, light as a feather, low seat for the vertically challenged, easy as pie to get onto its centre stand, looks like a great entry level scooter.

I liked it and so did my wife who knows about style. Should be popular with the girls.

The PGO Ligero 150 is a very welcome addition to a growing number of scooters already available on the Australian market. What sets the Ligero 150 apart I hear you ask?

Firstly its cute and classic. The white wall tyres and huge US-Spec headlight make for a neat classic appearance. Its easy to manage and handle, the Ligero can cater for a huge cross section of shapes and sizes.

The Ligero has plenty of storage and dynamically over the years PGO have gotten this one right. Power is plentiful making it a true no compromise package regardless of its size.

So plenty going for it? You bet it has, the Ligero 150 deserves to do well. Priced at $3290 + ORC the Ligero ticks a lot of boxes. A tried and true package with plenty of peace of mind.

That’s scootering the PGO way.

PGO Ligero 100
PGO Ligero 100
PGO Ligero 100
PGO Ligero 100
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