Sachs MadAss 125

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Premier Scooter Dealer, Pride of Cleveland, Travels 2,973 miles on the MadAss 125

November 9, 2009 – Kennesaw, GA – Cobra Powersports is pleased to announce that another one of their small displacement motorcycles has traveled across the United States while getting as much as 100 MPG’s. The owner of Pride of Cleveland Scooters, Phil Waters, and manager James Robertson started in San Diego, California and rode a Sachs MadAss 2,973 miles in October.

To prove the reliability of their products, 5 years ago Cobra Powersports rode 3 of their 150cc Delivery scooters from New York to Los Angeles in 11 days while averaging 85 MPG’s. This past month Phil and James offered to ride the new MadAss 125 across the U.S. to prove how well the motorcycles are built.

Bill Peirce, President of Cobra Powersports, the US Distributor of the Sachs MadAss, said that he jokingly said to Phil, “I wonder who will be the first to ride a MadAss 125 across the US? Phil called me later and asked if I could send him a couple of MadAss 125’s so he could attempt the journey.” Peirce added, “I laughed and asked him if he was serious. Phil said he really wanted to do it, and do it soon. We were sold out of the new 125’s because of the demand, so I had to beg another dealer to give up two units so Phil could try and make the trip in October.”

Waters created a website called and posted a daily blog of his trip. They started in San Diego and traveled to Las Vegas, then headed north to Utah and then across to Denver. From Denver they traveled through Nebraska to Chicago. After leaving Chicago they headed to Cleveland for a day of rest.

Due to a storm front, they loaded up the MadAss’ and drove to Gettysburg for a scooter rally. Then loaded up and headed to Annapolis, Maryland. They unloaded the MadAss and rode back to Cleveland in just 2 days.

Peirce said, “I was amazed that anyone would want to try and ride a 125cc motorcycle across the U.S. But if anyone could, I knew it would be Phil. I was happy that he made it without any problems.”

Phil Waters, owner of Pride of Cleveland, said, “Having made cross country journeys on several different types of motorcycles and scooters it has become the acid test of the quality of any vehicle. The attraction for us was using a bike for something so radically different than its intended purpose. The more people said it was ridiculous the harder we worked to pull it together. The folks we met along the way who listened to our story and gave us their energy made it a chain of great experiences and goes down as a journey of more than miles and motels.”

Cobra Powersports/Peirspeed recently launched the 2010 Sachs MadAss 125 in several test markets. Bill Peirce, President of Cobra Powersports, said, “The initial MadAss 125 sales have beaten our expectations. We expect to be able to launch the MadAss 125 nationwide during Q1 2010.” The MadAss 125 is a motorcycle weighing just 209 lbs with a special mono-frame design.

The MadAss 125 has a suggested retail price of $2,699.

Mr. Peirce added, “We’re excited to be able to sell the unique MadAss 125 in the US alongside the Peirspeed scooters built by TGB. Even though this economy has hurt everyone’s sales, it’s a lot of fun for us right now because of the MadAss. And Phil has proved that the MadAss 125 is built tough.”


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