Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-FI

Stay Undefined.

Read this before you buy a Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

What’s unknown in this bike, it’s the most sought for bike in the country. Everyone would like to own this, not just because it’s priced dirty cheap, but because of the ‘Pulsar’ name.

Well, As I had said before, even a 100cc commuter bike named Pulsar would sell out here . I am getting sick and tired of seeing the Pulsar name all around and more frustratingly supposedly different bikes. I have to nick out my eyes to find a diffrentiator from Pulsars to know whether it’s a 150/180 or others. Thankfully, the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi has a front fairing.

Now on the Pros and Cons of the bike.

I had decided that the bike wont feature on my blog, untill it recieves a BIG launch treatment and I have stuck to it. The bike was given a soft launch before, in Pune in batches of 20-30 bike ‘ON TEST’ basis. What a nice way to play with people’s money.

Ok, they are now being given rectified for problems if any.

Starting with the engine . The same Puslar engine, now I have a doubt if I can call it traditional? Ok, the same Pulsar engine bore-ed out to 220 cubic centimeters, churning out 20 bhp of power . and mileage… What. 40 KMPL…. Utter dissapointment, why could not they (Bajaj) get in more power for less mileage, who bothers for mileage in a 220 cc bike.

I dont care a bit for mileage in my 150cc, 220 cc then just let it be purely performance oriented. Okay, you want good sales for the bike, head on and please these mileage consious buyers. But it has the a exhaust note like the civil conduct of the Honda’s.

Could have been roaring thing.

Next, Handling . As I have read from various bloggers, forums etc etc, the handling is good, fells planted and strong and steady in straight runs. Fine, thats good. But, the bending is not allowed beyond a certain extent cos, the stands scraps tarmac . Hmm.

Guess you could have better stand design Bajaj, cuz this bike shall be thrown apart like anything.

For the brakes . I like this bike for having rear discs, inspires more confidence at top speeds. Kudos to Bajaj for getiing them on the rear, like on one else.

About the fairing . unless you are a 6 feet tall gigantic structure, you shoudn’t worry about your knees kissing the thr fairing tips. Actually, Its only the fairing that I like in this bike, remove that and the rear brakes, it will look like any other ‘ ordinary ‘ Pulsar. Sorry, they are getting too common in nature.

And for the rest of the styling, I would like to shoot the aesthetic designers of Bajaj team. Why? Well kid, you design an incredible machine like this, packed with one heap of features, and what do you get in return, No Exclusivity.

As my readers would know, I am a die hard exlusivity conscious person, and thus four Pulsar variants, with same tank, same body design isn’t digestable. Okay, retain the name, but atleast work out your grey cells, and get in a new design, it will sell even more than predicted.

The digital speedo, fuel injection system, rear discs, and loads of other feature would make this a great bike, and surely is one of the best bike on sale in India right now, but the low procing would evn add to the commoness of the bike. I would have been happy if it was sold in limited numbers every month, just to maintain exclusivity . Actually I had thought Bajaj would do this so as to maintain the sales of the 200 cc sibling, but guess they have succumbed to the demands. Nevertheless its here, and for all you Pulsar enthusiats, here’s another one.

What would I do if I am given 85-90 grands to buy this bike, will I buy it ? Straight forward answer, NO. Why? thats because I want a mean machine, meaner than this, and something that has a fresh, radical new design. this could have had a monoshock, and more importantly, new look. Cause Pulsars are getting more in common than even Splendours and Platinas.

What stand does the Karizma has infront of this? Karizma, Yes, the very same restickered bike. Honda lovers may appload its refinement, feel comfort, blah blah and more. But the bottom line is that it losses as of today to the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi.

Need an explaination, guess you have jumped out till here, read the lines before. HH will have o do a lot more than radical new ‘graphics’ design, to get the bike selling.

The Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi showcases India’s fine talent of RD Team @ Bajaj, that shall make the Japanese companies revise their stategies in India. In India, promising does’nt work, except for politicos. Promising new ‘big’ bike launches, and churning out commuter bikes, won’t work.

You have to deliver. Thats what I like in Bajaj, their stand out competition to the Hondas and Yamahas. What more in store is serious new launches of bigger capacity bike launches, that shall leverage the standards in India.

I hope the infrastructure can speed up its development, thaat shall be a bigger boon. At the recieving end of this is the customer, one who is always delighted.

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This should have come long ago, but it comes after a comment by a fellow blogmate. This is not a Test Drive Report . This post is a collection of my freaking thoughts on this bike . This post is largely based on the reviews published on various autoblogs (mail me if you want to know which ones). And you have any queries mail ‘em to me.

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