Honda Fury

Road Test and Review: Honda Fury

Road Test and Review: Honda Fury

I went to Al Lamb’s Honda in Dallas TX over the weekend to test ride some Honda motorcycles. One that I was really interested in riding was the Honda Fury.

The Fury is a 1300cc factory chopper that came out in 2010.   It is one cool looking motorcycle. The Fury has really clean lines, a raked out front end, and lots of chrome.

 If you have seen any choppers from the custom manufacturers you know that they can easily cost 30K and more.  The Honda Fury is a much more modest $12,999 with the ABS version totaling 1K more.

The ride on the Honda was really nice, it has tons of torque and at speed was more agile than one would expect.  Since I ride a Ninja 650r the Fury was quite a change from my sport oriented ride.  I scraped the pegs a couple of times going through corners, easy to do on such a low riding motorcycle.

I was also not used to needing to shift in to second gear so quickly.  The Fury does not have a tach but I must have been getting close to it’s red line as I activated the rev limiter on a couple of launches from red lights.  The bike is tame enough to be a daily rider if you are willing to live with it’s slow turn ins at parking lot speed, the Fury is by no means light on it’s feet when it is slowed down.

I was really impressed with the Fury and it will be in contention for my next motorcycle.  I really have an eclectic top two when it comes to motorcycles.  Right now they are the Kawasaki Concourse (great bang for the buck, very practical for a daily motorcycle) and the Honda Fury (Not nearly as practical, a little cheaper, but I feel cooler just thinking about owning one).

My only real gripe about owning a Honda Fury is the tank size.  It has a 3.4 gallon tank, that puts it’s range at around 100 – 135 miles before the fuel light starts staring at you.  I feel like I fill my Ninja a lot and I get 185 miles from a tank before I need to start looking for gas.

100 miles might be fine for some people but I ride to and from work every day and thought of filling up every day and a half is not that appealing.

One cool bike

Simple clean design

Nice ride

Honda Fury

Tons of torque

Priced at 13K for base model

ABS option (my next bike will have ABS)

Shaft Drive (no chan maintenance)

Tank size (only 3.4 gallon tank limits range)

Sloppy welds on the frame (this was surprising to me, so much attention to detail and looks like it was welded in High School welding class.

Slow turn in at low speed (not Honda’s fault just the nature of the beast)

Honda Fury
Honda Fury
Honda Fury
Honda Fury
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