Sherco 2.0
Sherco 2.0

2012 Sherco ST 2.9

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Sherco Racing was lucky enough to be in possession of the new 2012 Sherco 290cc during Trials Week. The 2 stroke 290cc arrived just in time for us to pick it up on our way through Canberra on the way to South Australia. The Sherco factory in Spain had managed to get it off the production line and on the boat before they closed for the annual European summer holidays so it would be here in time to show case at the Australian Championships.

2012 Sherco ST 290

For those of you who saw it at the South Australian Championships you may have noticed it was without graphics. This was due to the factory not having the new graphics finished prior to shipping the bike. We had many hours of sitting in the paddock at the South Australian Championships drooling over it waiting for the practice ground to open and the clean, sleek whiteness really began to grow on us.

Not to mention the bling gold triple clamps, wheels and suspension linkages.

Once the practice ground was open for business, we swung a leg over the new Sherco and were impressed straight away. There are many small changes to the 2012 model which make huge improvements. One of the most noticeable changes is the new Tech 3 suspension.

The Tech 3 suspension, in particular the rear suspension felt great and we are sure it will just get better as it beds in.

The new air box and cone shaped air filter just doesn’t get any easier to access for cleaning. Completely tool free and takes all of about 5 seconds (no joke.)

Another very noticeable change to the 2012 model is the new muffler design. With the gasses now coming out the back this will prevent the exhaust being blocked off by the rider’s leg in certain riding positions. The inline fuel tap is only a minor change but will make a big difference especially when transporting the bike.

It also has a reserve position on it. The motor is the same as the 2011 model and it felt strong and responsive. This was also helped by the ST 2.9 now coming standard with a Keihin 28mm flat slide carburetor.

What’s new for 2012?

New Tech Front Suspension

New rear suspension design, machined linkages

New R16V Rear Shock

New muffler

New design fuel tank interior compartments

New air filter box

New air filter

New carburetor position along with air intake redesign

New externally mounted Hidria electronic ignition unit

New skid plate with new rubber buffers

In line fuel tap

Lower mounted radiator

Check out the pictures we took of it ala natural. To see what it looks like with graphics check out the new bike section on this website.

The first shipment of 2012 models is due to arrive in December. Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions or to place your orders. Email

Michelle Coleman – Hill Climbs, No Problem on the 2012

Kaitlyn and Amanda Cummins Join Sherco Racing

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Sherco Racing welcomes Kaitlyn and Amanda Cummins to the team.

With an impressive start to the 2011 Moto-Trials season so far, things are only going to get better for Kaitlyn and Amanda Cummins. The girls have upsized their Sherco 80’s and have now taken delivery of a 2011 Sherco 125cc each.

This is Kaitlyn and Amanda’s first season competing in the State Moto-Trials Championship series and after just two rounds it is fair to say, that these girls will be hard to beat.

Round 1 was held in Murringo in March and they placed first and second in the Junior Under 200cc class. In round 2 held at their home ground Pacific Park, Kaitlyn again took the win with Amanda not far behind in third. So after just two of the five rounds the sisters are one, two on the leader board.

Sherco Racing wishes both Kaitlyn and Amanda Cummins all the best for the remainder of the 2011 Moto-Trials season aboard their new Sherco 125’s. With the support of Moto Central and Sherco Racing we are sure their skills will  continue to improve and you will be seeing both Kaitlyn and Amanda on the podiums in the future.

Pre-Season Training with Jarad Boniface

Jarad on the 2011 Sherco 215cc

Jarad has had his 2011 Sherco 125 for only a few weeks now, but is looking very comfortable on it. Jarad is currently training hard in preparation for the 2011 Moto-Trials season which kicks off for him on March 20 with the first round of the Wollongong Motorcycle Club Championships to be held at Mt Kembla.  The following weekend will see Jarad contest the first round of the NSW Moto-Trials Championships where he will be joined by his Sherco Racing team mates Ailsa Anderson, Brooke Lonie and Michelle Coleman.

In 2010 Jarad claimed the Wollongong Club C grade Moto-trials Championship and the NSW Junior 200cc Moto-Trials Championship and I know he is keen to make it two in a row.

With the second round of the  NSW Moto-Trials Championships just 2 weeks after the first round, it is a full on start to the 2011 season. Preparations are well under way and I’m sure you will see from the photos that Jarad is looking really good on the Sherco 125. When speaking to Jarad he was excited and really happy with the bike.

Sherco 2.0
Sherco 2.0

 After only a few days this is the text message Team Manager Toby recieved from Jarad  ”I rode the Sherco again today and the bike just keeps getting better and better! The bike is SO AWESOME.   :p Best bike ever!”

Sherco Racing are pleased to welcome Dunlop tyres on board this year as well as having contiuned support from Motorex oils, Sign Design and Moto Central.

See you all in a paddock somewhere soon.

Jarad Boniface signs With Sherco Racing

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Sherco Racing is pleased to announce NSW Junior Under 200cc Champion Jarad Boniface has signed with Sherco Racing for the 2011 season.

We wish Jarad all the best in the development of his trials career and we know he has the right attitude to continually improve and achieve great things in the future with the backing of Sherco Racing.

New 2011 Sherco model announced

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

In 2010 Sherco conducted a thorough renovation of their new trials models, introducing a bike with new concepts and ideas that was the beginning of an entirely new way forward in trials design.

The new 2011 Sherco trials models are a clear example of this but they have now moved the concept forward,  having built on the experience achieved after a year in the most demanding competitions with their top riders.

The big news with the 2011 Sherco is that it will have a new engine.  This engine has completely re-designed housings in which there is an integrated cooling system ‘water intake,’ thereby eliminating the outer tubes to gain in reliability, whilst reducing maintenance – always a big consideration with all Sherco models.

The new crankcases are die -cast and machined aluminium in a single cycle, following Japanese technology, for superior quality.  This ensures maximum accuracy of location points and tolerances.  The new engine design allows a major change in the reed valve with a new position and a reduction in the external size of these parts.

The clutch system has a new master cylinder, hose and slay cylinder, making it altogether smaller in size.

The fuel tank has been re-designed and manufactured in a thicker ergal alumumium (1.5-2.0 mm)  and is welded not fused with an internal brace.  The fuel cap is now in a more secure place centred in the middle of the rear fender which also provides ease for re-fuelling.  Introduced in 2010 the supply of fuel to the carburettor is by a double internal circulation flow fuel pump, ensuring constant flow in all circumstances.

  The 290 model will be equipped with the Dellorto VHST flat slide carburettor as used by all team riders in 2010.

The air filter box has been revised with a new intake pipe and a new cover with a fastening clip system that improves the closure and sealing of the air filter box cover.  The changes have not affected the air filter access and maintenance but have improved the air flow, allowing more cooler air to enter. This in turn allows the engine to rev much harder at the top end.

  The inlet nozzle has had minor changes to improve the airflow to the carburettor.

The tubular frame has the same dimensions but minor changes to the front of the frame have been made to relocate new panels. Along with this the steering also incorporates a hard plastic steering stop.  The chassis is now in a striking white, which entirely compliments the new design plastics.  The new 2011 models have a beautiful new aesthetic finish, based on the brands corporate colours of blue, yellow and white.

  The gold rimmed wheels finish off what is a very exciting, new model from Sherco for 2011.

Sherco 2.0
Sherco 2.0
Sherco 2.0
Sherco 2.0
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