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Sons Of Anarchy Season 2 FX

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 2 FX – Sons of Anarchy Season 2 will air sometime in 2009 on FX.The network has already ordered 13 episodes of Sons of Anarchy Season 2 . FX President John Landgraf said in a statement:

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379 Comment(s)

I have to say Im happy as hell tht sons of anarchy has success theres nothing else on tv like it and gives and audience something different. It is by far amazingly put together and i cant wait to see what happens next

Son’s of anarchy is an awesome original series! Everybody that owns a motorcycle should watch. It is action packed and a great story line.

I just hope that the show can keep up the pace, as well as the drama and depth — without becoming either over the top or forumlaic. They’ve definitely hit some sort of sweet spot with this show — and I just hope it holds of in Season 2 — because I loved the first season (about to watch final episode).

I normally do not watch a whole lot of television, but I did not miss an episode. My wife thought I was sort of girlish for watching, but by the third show she could not miss one herself. She claims it is a great man soap opera.

We can not wait for the next season.

good show, but please don`t have Jax wear long baggy jeans and sneakers. It makes him look like a gang banger wanna-be instead of a biker

I was very happy to find out SOA will be making a second season. I think this is the best new series on FX in a while. The story is unpredictable and interesting. The season finale was sublime.

I’ll be on the lookout for the Season 2 premier.

SOA You Rock my socks off! With a promise of a second season. You just kicked televison with all of the boreing cheap rift raft “reality shows” butt.

Also where can I get a listing of all of the music from SOA so I can download them on my ipod? SOA keep up the good work because YOU ARE A LEGEND IN THE MAKEING.

I did not think i would like the show at first because it was a biker show. I now realize its about family,trust, and loyalty. I am glad i started watching the show and cant wait for the second season.

I am a HUGE charlie hunnam fan too!!

wow the greates show ive ever watched plz keep it coming cant wait for the 2nd season.


this is probably one of the best shows i have ever seen. i am so pumped for season two, the change baby.

Never thought I’d root for a bunch of murdering thieves but that’s exactly what I found myself doing. The only thing that can ruin it is if they get all preachy and politically correct on us.

I wasnt sure about this show at first, but now I am HOOKED. I love this show and can not wait for season 2!

this show is amazing, 2nd season will kick a$$, john baron is an idiot jax’s outfit suits him.

I ride with friends and look foward to the day I get my own ride. I love the show as do my friends. I am having so much fun hashing out and debating what will be happening next season. However, problem with the show.

No baggies or tennees on Jax please. Keep it real with nice fitting jeans and biker boots as it is supposed to be. Keep it coming …. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE.

this show is by far the best show i ‘ve seen

in a long time i hope it can continue for more

way to go

unlike my wife with friends and lost. i have never found a tv show i had to be at home to watch every week. this best show. i hope season 2 is even better so it will continue. good job to whom ever gave this show a chance.

Great show!I love SOA and i can’t wait for the second season.Really interesting and original.

I agree with John Baron. Jax should look like a biker, not eminem. There ain’t no place for hip hop in bikersville. Don’t beleive me? Ask any real biker. Hip Hop is garbage. Pull your pants up. you look like an idiot. Straighten out your hat too. The show is great though. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s like the Soprano’s kicked up a notch with leather and cycles. I love it! Bring on season 2 and many more!

Keep sons of anarchy alive FX. this show has a great incite into the human spirit. best show on TV ive seen in years

Really enjoy this series. However there are WAY 2 MANY commercials



looking foward to season 2 of SOA. jax is now the new biker(sad but true) the kids on the biker scene are doing what is now. the biker of old is just that (me included) so i guess we have to get use to it. notices the changes at all the upcoming rallies around the country. it is what it is.

Jax needs biker boots, I have two extra pair he can have.

My husband and I have watched every episode. We love it and cannot wait until season 2.

As for his clothing… He is in his twenty’s and the club chose him. It was in his blood from the beginning… Don’t change a thing, that is what makes us young ones like it so much!

Being in a club myself SAMCRO is as close as it gets to the real thing.Not being a big fan or the tv i can say the SOA is at times to real to watch.Keep up the good work on the show[and try to keep it real]LATER.BOOT

SOA is a great show. I can’t wait for season 2. It’s the only show I have actually made a point to be home for every episode.

And for Jax. Don’t change a thing. He doesn’t wear boots and traditional biker clothes for a reason. Because, while the club sits on the fringe of society already, Jax sits on the fringe of the club. He is as much in as anyone, but still sees the clubs faults and possible promise.

He stands for not only the clubs values, but his own. He is the VP, but still has his own identity. Tig, all those guys, they are what the club wants them to be. Jax is what he wants the club to be.

I haven’t been this excited about a TV show since I was a kid. I to haven’t missed an eprisode, however I’ve had to stream them off the ‘net ’cause I’m to cheap to buy cable. I’ve still enjoyed them all though. Like the one guy said I hope and pray they don’t go preachy and PC.

That show makes me tool around on my old black Kawi Vulcan and pretend its Jax’s Dyna lol.

great show,this is the only show on that i know what day and time of the week it comes ever there are to many commercials on and i agree jax could use a more biker wardrobe,boots and no baggys.cant wait for second season.

This is a great show I really didn’t think I would watch at fisrt but when I saw the actors involved like Pearlman and Al Bundys wife I knew it would be good. This show just hits on so many levels with ppl being part of a brotherhood has to be so special I can’t imagine how great it would feel to have real brothers like that. I am about to get the Reaper tatoo it is just F$$$$$$ bad a$$.

Yeah and Jax is just the new age biker I doubt we see him in tight jeans and biker boots anytime soon.

I love this show. I hope it does well and stays on the air. My wife and I look forward to it every week. If were not home we set the DVR.Good luck Can’t wait for season 2.

When it come to the clothes on Jax look at the 83 calenders. A lot of west coast 1% bikers wear the exact same thing.Baggy jeans and white adidas. Its the look out west. East coast still grimey.

Mean 81 right?

Listen adidas and baggy jeans is west coast bikers. Look at the 81′s calenders. East coast still holds true to the tight jeans and boots..

this show is the dopest show on the air you all need to hurr up wit da season 2 i didnt miss one ep. its the best show on the air hands down forget about the rest get that season 2 on…

I normally do not watch a whole lot of television, but I did not miss an episode. the one’s that made the know’s how most one percenter M.C are like in real life i bet the ATF aks them what club… i am not and fool 1% forever

Big Bear Choppers Reaper 100 Carb

Also i plan on perchasing the customized S.O.A. IPOD available on the FX website.

I m so happy that SOA

I am so happy that Sons Of Anarchy is coming back for another season! I got so hooked on this show,i watched the first episode and i was hooked, there is nothing like it on t.v. I was surprised how much adult content there was but i loved it.

I have a crush on Jax, he is so goood looking! I love all the characters. Good for you FX for having the guts to put this show on the air.

They have modernized him, technically being a part of an outlaw biker gang does make him a gang banger in true definition sense. But I myself growing up around a real life 1%er outlaw biker group have noticed, tennis shoes baggy pants are becoming the norm with younger biker’s even myself(except I wear combat boots not sneakers). baggy pants can make cold weather easily to bear or hot weather a breeze because while you ride you have wind blowing up your pant legs with ease aka natural a/c. also having to run in sneakers is a whole lot easier than boots. Keep jax as he is change nothing the show is great.

from spain i have to say that sons of anarchy kick assss. amazing serie! different and original

I am so glad they are going to make a other season this show was great my husband and i looked forward to wednesday nights to watch this jax is hot so is mom. cant wait to watch next season in a few days will will be watching nip tuck we are fans of this show been watch since it came on fx rocks.


I’m a great fan of SOA. Being a biker club member,I can’t wait for the 2nd Season.There are some nice Hogs on the show also. I Love my Harley. Keep Up The good work. Awesome Show !

Kudos to the producers of SOA for grasping the reality of a typical M/C. I was glued to my chair in anticipation of what would happen next during every episode. I can’t wait for season two.

My only complaint is that the series for the first season was not long enough. More episodes, more bikes, babes and action,PLEASE

yea, he needs to stop with the ghetto jeans. but he is a wigger in real life, so. whatever

This show has taken the boring out of watching

television, I have over 200 Channels and it almost all crap or reruns, and who doesn’t love

Hellboy (Ron Perlman) he kicks butt.

The woman round here can’t get enough of Jax.

Peace out cali style, S.O.A. Rocks.

I’m a Life-long Rider who took some years off of bikes had to get back on to save My sanity.

That being said, this show demonstrates the dichotomy between Decency true 1%r’s…it’s a fine line, one that isn’t obvious to the naked eye.

but PLEEEZE put some damn BOOTS well fitting LEVIS’ on JAX.

f$$$ the 1%rs dumb outlaws dont know s$$$ infact they could take some lessons and learn athing or two from this show

Mr-Bigbone, are you retarded? hes not a “wigger”. first of all, thats the most ignorant term ive ever heard, second of all, charlie hunnam is from Newcastle, England and has studied in the arts and has even been in a movie adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel. So take your “instant profiling” wigger comment and shove it up your a$$!

I love love the show and all the cast members, please don’t change a thing. I can’t wait for season 2 to begin and perhaps 3,4 also. Great job FX you got a hit on your hands.

Absolutely love the show and extremely excited about the new season. Any word on when we can expect it? What is up with the fahion show critique? If you think white sneakers look out of place come to Southern FL and see riders in Hawain shirts, shorts and flip flops.

Who cares what you wear to ride as long as you are riding drop the drama and enjoy a remarkable show.

SOA….Ahhhh what can I say its just the greatest show ever, as a biker myself I can only say I am glad that theres a show that I can actually relate to and reminds how fortunate I am to have experienced the freedom of riding and loyalty of an MC…..Season 2 come on.

great show, cant wait for season 2 !

I love watching sons of anarchy. I dont miss an episode. I cant wait for the new season to start. Sons of anarchy is the best tv show I have seen.

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