Yamaha RD 350

Specifications for a Yamaha RD350

Frame and Suspension

The RD350 features a tubular steel duplex cradle frame, in which a pair of down tubes extends below the steering head and loops under the motor to create a cradle. Forward suspension was provided by a pair of 34mm telescopic forks while three-way adjustable twin shock-absorbers suspended the rear swing arm. For wheels, the RD350 was equipped with wire-spoked 3 x 18 inch front and 3.5 x 18 inch rear wheels.

The steering head’s rake angle of 27.5 degrees and a generous 4.2 inch trail, combined with a wheel base of 52 inches, providing nimble, yet stable, handling characteristics.

Motor and Transmission

The RD350 was powered by an air-cooled two-stroke parallel twin cylinder motor, which used a 34mm bore and 54mm stroke to create a displacement of 347cc. The motor was rated with a compression ratio of 6.6:1 and was claimed to create a maximum of 39 horsepower at 7,500 RPM. Unlike the previous two-stroke motors used on earlier Yamaha motorcycles, the RD350 implemented reed valves in the motor’s intake.

These one-way reed valves prevented the mixture of air and fuel from being blown back out through the intake and widened the RD350’s powerband, the engine’s RPM range that provided the maximum amount of usable power. The motor transmitted power through a six gear, wet clutch transmission. The rear wheel was driven by a 92 link, 530 pitch drive chain turned by a 16 tooth front sprocket and a 40 tooth rear sprocket.

Fuel Systems

Fuel was held within a 3.2 gallon steel fuel tank and was fed to a pair of 28mm Mikuni VM carburetors. Two-stroke oil, which is typically pre-mixed into the fuel, was injected into the carburetor by Yamaha’s Autolube system, eliminating the need for messy pre-mixed fuels. The Autolube system was driven by the transmission’s input shaft and was fed by a separate oil tank.

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Yamaha RD 350
Yamaha RD 350

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Yamaha RD 350
Yamaha RD 350
Yamaha RD 350
Yamaha RD 350

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