Additions and Modifications

After visiting this year’s Pacific International Auto Show at GM Place in Vancouver and trying out as many vehicles as possible, I began to appreciate what I already had much more than I did before. There was nothing that really came close to offering all the features I enjoyed with my Toyota Sequoia. That’s when I realized that to cure my mid-life crisis 1 I needed something that was at the total opposite end of the spectrum of what I already had.

Well, the little red sports car didn’t pass with my wife :shrug: So that’s where the Suzuki Burgman came in. It’s a 400cc maxi-scooter that’s capable of freeway travel–and something my wife can ride on, too. It’s top speed has been reported to be 95 mph (over 150 km/h).

It’s a blast to ride and is very zippy. What makes the Burgman Type S a limited edition and different from the regular 400 is cosmetic: rear spoiler, third LED brake light, shorter windshield, white gauge faces, chrome handlebar accents, brushed metal muffler shield, black wheels and forks, and of course the red colour. Also, since I can hit the pavement just as hard as anyone else on a motorcycle, I’ve decided to go for as much protection as possible.

That includes a full-face helmet, an armoured jacket, boots, and gloves. I value my life.

In getting my motorcycle license, this is the best advice I’ve read so far: Ride as if you are invisible and everyone wants to kill you.

Be safe out there!

Links and Resources

Action Motorcycle School – One of the most recommended schools in the Lower Mainland. – Forum for Suzuki Burgman enthusiasts.

Suzuki AN 250 Burgman

Online Parts Fiche – Yamaha Suzuki of Cool Springs. Tennessee. This cool dealership web site allows you to look up Yamaha and Suzuki parts. Gallery – Lots of pictures of Burgmans from the 125 to the 650 Executive in various stages of dress and undress.

Suzuki Burgman 650 minus tupperware – This is a neat flash animation that allows you to move a slider and see what the Burgman 650 looks like underneath all the plastic hardware.

Suzuki Skywave 400/250/Limited Accessories – In Japan, the Burgman is known as the Skywave. This is the official Suzuki Japan site (in Japanese) that shows some accessories not available in North America. yet (fingers crossed). Here’s Google’s translation in English .

Side note: Since the Burgman is known as the Skywave in other parts of the world, I thought it would be fun to call myself a sky pilot. I actually didn’t know that sky pilot was actually slang for a member of the clergy, especially a military chaplain, until I looked it up last week–oops! That makes the lyrics to that The Animals’ song so much more meaningful .

My Big Red Scooter

Suzuki AN 250 Burgman
Suzuki AN 250 Burgman
Suzuki AN 250 Burgman
Suzuki AN 250 Burgman
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