General Motors has a great history in the automotive industry and it is probably the most important company to consider whenever a law about cars is passed. However, sometimes the company can focus more on their profits than they do on the benefits to their clients, and this is what seems that happened a few days ago, in the recent Tesla scandal.

Tesla Motors sells electric vehicles, which are gaining in popularity due to the emphasis everyone is placing on climate change. Tesla is trying to make their cars affordable and accessible to anyone. What is the problem? General Motors is the problem. Apparently, GM is not satisfied with the fact that TM use their own dealers and stores to market their cars. Can you think of another famous company who does this? Exactly, Apple.

Apparently, there are laws since the Depression era that were supposed to protect small business owners. The dealers were forced to sell their products through someone else; in this way making sure that everyone has work and shares in the profit. However, this is not necessary any longer, but many states have already banned the direct sales by Tesla.

In a time when progress is more important than anything else, increasing the price of the cars and making them inaccessible seems not only irresponsible, but also criminal. However, it may be some time before Tesla will be able to sell their cars without any extra costs to consumers.

The question is, will people accept this or they will realize the positive impact that they can make by supporting Tesla? We can say that this is a huge step forwards for automotive sales and enterprise, but only if the government realizes this in time and changes are made to the outdated laws.