Beta RR 125 4T
Beta RR 125 4T

Test Beta 450 RR 4T and 498 RR 4T 2013: Large gauges of Enduro 4-time

Continuation and end of our round of tests of the range Beta Enduro 2013 with the heavyweights of the family: beta 450 RR and beta 498 RR! Which Italian 4-times evolve carefully for this New Year?

Finished laughing: after the new RR 2-time and 4-times of cubic capacity intermediate, place with the large gauges of the range Enduro Beta, with Beta 450 RR 4T and 498 RR 4T 2013. Optimists in certain cases… For, of against: here the opinion of Motor bike-Station on these large “four Italian blows”.

Two false thin nice

When one speaks about large motor bikes, one refers only to the cubic capacity, because Beta 450 and 498 RR are far from posting a weight overload “visual”. Besides it would be necessary to be very strong to differentiate them from the 350 and 400 without a glance with the sticker from the guard mud before…

It is certified copies on which the same observations will carry us. Namely that the return of the white in the color makes a little age the motor bikes, resemblance to models RR 2010 appearing to us a little too marked. But taste and colors… That would almost make pass the new unperceived side plastics.

Large Beta 4 times receive their batch of attentions however, mixing the racing spirit with the really practical aspects. These two Beta are in particular equipped with series of a site for the tools… accessible without tools. A detail for some, but the hikers will appreciate.

Traction activated control

Side frame Beta 450 and Beta 498 RR present rather similar behaviors. Enough sharp and handy for large 4-time, they do not give the feeling to control a tank. Compared to the 350 RR, certainly, 450 request a little application to return in the turns and to surf and between the trees.

And 498 places the still bars a notch with the top: there is necessary to remain concentrated and give its person to guide it. It is not heavier, but inertia is well marked. So with the Beta 450 RR one can leave in ramble without instructions, it is not really the case for the 498: it is necessary to adapt.

The shock absorber works without problem, the power passes perfectly on the ground and traction is impressive. The fork remains in withdrawal: once again, it with tendency to dribble in the sequence of holes. But one must say all the same that in all the range Beta RR, it is on the beta  450 and beta 498 that ‘ it works best, the additional weight helping.

If it is not what one knows of better in term of general comfort, the unit remains balanced and rather healthy on the large shocks. Heart of Crossman obliges, I could not resist emulously sending a transfer with the beta 450, and that occurred rather well…

How the force is with us!

One starts with the beta 450 RR, and outset, one feels that the trunk of the mill is with go. It is strapping man, but the 450 rest all the same very linear and pleasant to take over. An additional report very quickly will be passed, Beta swallows it without problem and it is damned effective.

One can allow oneself to start again with the clutch, but attention not to be too optimistic because when the cavalry unloads, that becomes explosive! This engine is thus not out of reach for “nice” the endurist of Sunday, but there is necessary all the same to know to remain reasonable. When one attack, the performances are with go, the engine is full upwards, and it lengthens the guy!

Inertia and the engine brake are marked logically than on the lower cubic capacities, but that does not shock. After all, it is about one 450.

Let us pass now to the heavyweight of the range Beta Enduro with the beta 498 RR. First turn, a blow of generous gas in the rut and I miss myself lamentably turning over me after only 10 meters to the handlebar of the large RR… The tone is set! After this first adventure, it is understood that one should not misuse the blows of clutch. No the concern on the level of the engine power, there is what it is necessary.

Beta RR 125 4T

Besides one will pass instinctively the higher relationship and with this motor bike and one can allow oneself to assemble another additional that does not grain it much.

Here when the clutch is taken, it is not to start again mechanics, but rather to calm it. You will have understood it, it is necessary to be present and solid as well as possible to control Beta 498 RR. The instructions – or the practice – are necessary.

The blow of piston is much more present and it is not rare to be made surprise. After, from point of view feelings… Ben there is what it is necessary and one sees badly what a climb could resist this Beta!

Assessment: To be or not to be… reasonable?

To choose between these two motor bikes, the option Beta 450 RR 4T seems with our most reasonable direction. It is a powerful and powerful motor bike while remaining accessible to the common run of people. Its linear behavior convinced us.

Beta 498 RR 4T, it is more the desire of a motor bike except standards which could push us towards it. Good, when one does not have the habit of such a cubic capacity, one is diverted a little. But the pilot who can take along this motor bike to the phenomenal couple will undoubtedly be of a frightening effectiveness.

Always it is that for the average endurist, Beta 498 RR is not more resting.

One like the other is handy with an advantage for the 450, but the fork suffers from some gaps. If one notes no price difference between the 350, the 400 and 450 posted with 8,790 €, it will be necessary to lengthen a little more currency to offer the 498 RR, sold with 8,850 €€. Now, you know all: make your choice!

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Beta RR 125 4T
Beta RR 125 4T
Beta RR 125 4T
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