Test latest bike Honda SH 125i ABS 2013

Bestseller on other side of the Alps, in 2013 the Honda SH 125i returns to us with a new motorization (and its system “stop and start”), the ABS of series, an increased throw weight and a style more refined.

To the image of its ancient monuments, the roadways of Rome belong to another time. Paving stones abysses and slipping, ruts, potholes, not astonishing that the Romans threw their reserved on the scooters kind for large wheels.

In the Roman city all the marks and all the models with rims of 16 inches are represented, however on the road which leads us airport to our hotel, it is one which particularly appears to us to allure the autochthones: Honda SH. Indeed, declined into 125.150 and 300 Cm3, the scooter more sold other side of the Alps carry out here exceptional scores – with the image of Piaggio MP3 in Paris.

It is thus in all logic that Honda presents the 4th generation of commutating with large wheels of 125 Cm3 in the Italian capital. Honda SH 125i 2013 is a very new scooter, having of the same engine as Honda PCX 2012 (equipped with the famous system “stop and start”), of a slightly modified frame and a modernized style, carried out by an office of Roman design. Italian of the Japanese scooters will it be able to also allure us?

In saddle the answer is immediate.

Honda SH 125i 2013: Cut for all

With a completely flat floor, a saddle placed at 799 mm of the ground but frayed well to remain accessible, the reception on board new Honda SH 125i is more universal.

Men, women, pilots of all gauges take instinct their marks. The ergonomics of the orders hardly poses problem, in condition however of being accustomed to the fitting of the left control unit Honda. As always in the Japanese constructor, the sound signaling hooter is placed above button actuating the indicators.

As a result at the beginning, one hoots when one wants to indicate to a change of management (what is not particularly disturbing in Rome, so much the Romans uses and misuses this accessory).

Sat on a saddle appearing already of fondant debatable, the pilot enjoys on the other hand a position control pleasant, right bust, slackened arms, the folded legs with 45°. There is place for the movements of the knees, less with the floor where the tiny feet sizes 44 of your servant are found enough confined. To start the Honda SH 125i 2013 it is now necessary to press firmly on the left lever and to carry the finger on the contactor.

Mechanics is brained then, in a particularly discrete sonority.

Silence, that turns!

With starting the answer to the handle is not immediate, but it proves rather fast all the same. With a rise in very linear mode, large-wheels SH tames down without particular instructions. Less powerful and torque than its predecessor, our model 2013 fact however proof of reactivity with bottom and average modes, a report which is essential from the start on the first meters of our rolling.

But a fire is profiled. We stop there. One, two, three seconds run out, the engine dies out, a green pictogram (“with” ringed of an arrow) placed at the instrument panel is then put to flicker.

As on Honda PCX, the Honda SH 125i 2013 is indeed equipped with Idling Stop (the system “stop and start” patented Honda).

As a result with the stop one waits in silence, then one starts again quasi instantaneously when the accelerator is requested. Even if Honda mechanics is not particularly sound with the idle, the approval offered by this system is very appreciable.

But that those which this ecological and economic approach does not touch reassure, one can easily disconnect the option with the right control unit, of a simple pressure on a button. One profits then from a faster, perfect setting in motion to extirpate Roman traffic.

Killer of traffic

“They are insane these Romans” has habit to repeat irreducible Gallic Bollix. One does not evoke modern circulation in Rome in the comics of Duero and Gascony; however this sentence takes all its direction when one finds oneself wedged in the congestions of the ancient city.

To become emancipated some, one needs a sharp and nimble scooter, a true “traffic machine mortal” as say the Romans (a machine “assassin of traffic” in the language of Moliere) and the Honda SH 125i 2013 plays this part perfectly. Although equipped with large wheels, it is indeed one cannot simpler to handle.

Its weight contained, its very good steering angle, its balance, its smoothness and its centre of gravity placed low (for a scooter of this family he gets along), guarantee facility in the stoppers to him.

Under the 60/km its recoveries are useful and perhaps when its heats should be stopped, its brake does not offer best the feeling, but it proves sufficiently powerful. During an emergency braking, slip them are contained thanks to the system ABS (series). This one is not coupled, which is rare in the Japanese constructor, but it proves to be effective and with our well parameterized direction.

Honda SH 150 i

A superb handling, a debatable comfort

The handling of the Honda SH 125 I 2013 lends with difficulty the side to criticism. It should be said that the scooter is designed around a robust frame and that its suspensions show firmness. Some time a little too besides, in particular in the back.

Even positioned on its most flexible adjustment, the compound does not offer indeed a comfort over the duration, and this more especially as the fine saddle is hard.

However in duet, we imagine that these shock absorbers will make it possible to preserve this good stability which characterizes the machine in solo. Because the SH is indeed very rigorous, which reassures, particularly when it is taken along on the fast axes. With out windshield of origin, the catch with the wind is awkward, but in the large curves its heading hold proves to be irreproachable.

Its mechanics is not most conclusive with high modes. We reached a maximum speed of 120 km/h to the meter, which is rather well, nevertheless passed 80 km/h, the recoveries are disappointing. What is on the other hand much more interesting is the sobriety of block 125 ESP.

Out of the 80 kilometers of our test, the half traversed in the traffic, the other with sustained rhythm on fast tracks; we consumed only 2.5 l/100 km. With a more reasonable control, one must be able to reach without evil 2.2 l/100 km announced by the manufacturer (2,11l/100 km in mode Idling stop).

Assessment: Never large-wheels had been also attracting!

The scooters with large wheels are not a great success in France, with the image of the old version of the Honda SH 125i which met only 400 new purchasers the last year.

What damage! Because the Honda SH 125i 2013 is a scooter Petri of qualities on the dynamic level, refined and of an exemplary sobriety, an asset when the liter of 98 approaches the 2 dangerously €.

One reproaches the scooters large-wheels for having a low throw weight! Thanks to the new drawing of its framework (and certainly of its saddle), the trunk of the HS can now accommodate a crash helmet or flexible (such Shoe Notec that we had on this presentation).

Better still, it has a mini vacuum-pocket in its apron, with a flat floor, is equipped with a top-box with series and ABS, for the same price that the old model is 3,290 €. Here really what to change state of mind.

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