Voxan Scrambler

Voxan Prototype. Scrambler S test

Intro: -S- FOR SEXY

And here we have the grand finale to this " special Voxan " edition of Party Cycle with the first television appearance of the company-s latest design- the " Scrambler S ".

Following many remarks requesting greater rigour and dynamism from the Scrambler- the French firm has decided to produce a sportier version of its bike- hence the name- Scrambler " S ". The idea is to offer a rather sexier bike- aimed at a younger clientele than the normal Voxan targets.

Esthetique: MYSTERIOUS

The first change that you will already have noticed is visual. All black- the Scramble S immediately stands apart from the original version with its much more mysterious appearance.

Although all the decorative elements are identical to those on the Scrambler- the matt black paint on certain parts is sufficient to radically modify our perception of this bike.

The other visible changes concern the suspension and the wheels- or what the French call the " trains roulants ". The Scrambler S has taken its components from the Caf- Racer. The handlebars have also evolved and the rider now finds himself in front of a semi- flat hangar shape. Its width is a positive feature when it comes to manoeuvring the bike.

But none of the controls have changed- apart from the black dressing around the control panel.

Motorization: MORE GRUNT

The engine recuperates all the power that it is capable of delivering- a good hundred horsepower. But the engine that you see here is still being developed. The injection needs to evolve to adapt it to the new size of the flaps- which have gone from 45 to 54 mm-

Which doesn-t stop us realising that this engine is much more lively. More powerful- of course- it also has more torque and is livelier as it goes up the revs. It makes the most of its new exhaust to sing at full voice. it-s seems unlikely that it will pass its certification with this configuration.

Raging seriously as it approaches 7000 revs; this dual cylinder holds its own better around the red zone than lower in the revs. but its character is going to evolve between now and its commercialisation.

Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler

On the road: A BIT OF FRESH AIR

When it comes to its behaviour- the Scrambler has been transformed. With it-s new fork- the distance between the wheels and the angle of the wheel have been noticeably reduced- the result is that it is more pleasantly vibrant on winding roads. The front wheel engages a bit- but the bike gains enormously in precision and agility.

The bike can be placed on the desired trajectory- and its corners all by itself. The balance between the front and rear wheels has a lot to do with this ease that also accounts for the pleasure given.

When it comes to the riding position- it is more or less the same as that on the original Scrambler. The new handlebars create a more forward position but the upper body easily finds its marks.

It-s not so easy for the rider-s legs though. The position of the foot rests remains the same but since the balance of the bike has changed; the rider gets a strange sensation when he increases the pace- because his feet are slightly in front of his seat. You get used to it but they could be better placed.

This prototype- stated by Voxan to be very close to the final version- will- there-s no doubt- be the star product in the French range in 2004. There are still a few details to be worked on- the injection in particular.

We might also hope to see the manufacture of some new decorative parts aimed exclusively for the model " S " so as to stand it further apart from the original version.

And its price will have to be contained if it is to see the commercial success necessary to Voxan-s future- but it will need to be carefully balanced. Because if its price is too close to the classic Scrambler-s- the model S risks cannibalising its big sister. So they will have to aim right but we think this bike has a promising future in front of it.

Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler

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