Aprilia Mana 850

The Aprilia NA 850 Mana

The following is from Aprilia UK and is intended as a precursor to an LB review.


Never has an Aprilia been so innovative, nor had a technology so advanced. Aprilia have come up with a ‘New way to get about bike’ that will be conquering the roads of the world over. With thanks to their Advanced Electronic Transmission Management System, the all new Aprilia NA 850 Mana guarantees a relaxing ride with maximum fun and efficient.

Once again, Aprilia leads the way, leaving its competitors to follow in its wake. The Aprilia NA 850 Mana ushers in a new way of getting about on two wheels. Practical when needed, sporty when you want, the NA 850 Mana combines two bikes in one, a genuine motorcycling revolution.

The Aprilia NA 850 Mana explores new frontiers in mobility, a modern naked bike which is both powerful and fun, with a revolutionary gearbox, electronically controlled for unique riding pleasure. Thanks to the innovative NA 850 Mana technology, the bike is able to satisfy different riding styles and different needs.

The Aprilia NA 850 Mana is today the maximum of advanced technology applied to a bike. The Mana has been a daring challenge, at which only Aprilia’s extraordinary technical abilities could both take on and win. There is nothing to match the Aprilia NA 850 Mana anywhere on the world market, with a unique and ultra-advanced design. A bike capable of delivering great satisfaction in any conditions, from about town trips to routes demanding a much sportier ride and feel.

A simple touch on the handlebar button and the Aprilia NA 850 Mana takes you into another world.

The Mana has complete automatic transmission with three mappings, or sequential gear change with seven gears with the Aprilia NA 850 Mana it is literally impossible not to find the most suitable configuration for the particular traffic and/or riding conditions or your specific needs. Whether you’re out tackling an about-town trip or a winding road, the Sport Gear always performs with the same brilliance and gives the same riding pleasure. The rider can choose the right solution for every situation.

The 90 V twin engine is the perfect partner for this type of gearbox, as it is compact, brilliant and clean. It is Euro 3 compliant, thanks to the electronic injection and exhaust with catalytic converter. High power and torque guarantee a sporty ride, particularly in acceleration where the Aprilia NA 850 Mana burns up everyone at the traffic lights, practically unbeatable, not just by naked machines of the same capacity, but also many sports bikes as well.

The Aprilia NA 850 Mana is friendly technology which simplifies life. There is no clutch lever. Everything is controlled electronically, leaving the rider free to enjoy the ride.

The sequential gear change is controlled by a convenient command on the handlebars, or alternatively by a traditional pedal command.

In common with all Aprilia’s, meticulous chassis design makes the bike a superb ride. The tubular steel trellis frame is extremely strong with excellent torsional rigidity. Combined with a single-piece aluminium swingarm and advanced suspension, it makes the NA 850 Mana able to satisfy even the most demanding rider.

The top quality brakes increase active safety, thanks to the standard setting braking distance.

Special Features Of The Design:

• 90V engine, four valves per cylinder, Euro 3 compliant

• Sequential gear change, electronic control with the possibility of manual operation with seven gears or automatic operation with three mappings.

• Double spark plug ignition

• Electronic fuel injection with single throttle body

• Tank under seat

• Helmet compartment for full-face helmet

• Steel trellis frame with single-piece swingarm

• 43 mm upside down fork

• Side shock absorber

• Brakes with radial callipers

The Design:

The concept of utility design always applied to all Aprilia projects is even more valid in the NA 850 Mana. With it being a sports naked in appearance it is capable of unique versatility also. The NA 850 Mana represents the perfect mix of sports personality and elegance, thanks to a modern reassuring design.

As on any Aprilia naked, the technical elements also become design elements. Engine, tank, airbox, frame and exhaust all help give the NA 850 Mana its special character and the personality it needs to stand out from the crowd.

The Mana has a design which is also the result of daring and innovative technical features. The fuel tank is located lower down under the seat, helping centralise masses and lower the centre of gravity. Its ‘traditional’ place is taken by a helmet compartment able to accommodate a full-face helmet and other objects.

The NA 850 Mana is therefore the first bike to offer a genuine integrated helmet compartment, uniquely practical and convenient, particularly about town and on short trips. The compartment is unlocked electrically by means of a control on the handlebars, a safety lock which prevents accidental opening.


Without the shadow of a doubt, the NA 850 Mana engine sheds new light on the future of the bike. With two cylinders, electronic fuel injection, high torque, but, above all it has innovative transmission replacing the traditional mechanical gearbox. The Mana’s engine also opens up new frontiers in motorcycle riding, whether sporty or otherwise.

The Mana holds an engineering idea which Aprilia has developed by fully exploiting the technical know-how of its best engineers, and the top level capabilities of its in-house research and development department.

NA 850 Mana – The Future Of The Gearbox:

The primary drive is without doubt the focal point of this innovative engine. Thanks to the electronically controlled sequential transmission, the rider can choose from various riding styles.

The Rider Has Two Possible Options:

• Completely automatic: Everything is controlled electronically, the CVT transmission enables the engine to be run at maximum torque at all times, emphasising pick-up and acceleration. The electronic control system has three different mappings (Touring, Sport and Rain), enabling the rider to choose the type of operation most appropriate to the situation or his own needs.

• Sequential: The rider chooses the gear himself by means of either the control on the handlebars or the pedal command. A servo-assisted mechanism acts mechanically on the main pulley, making changing between the seven ratios extremely rapid.

The rider can switch from automatic to sequential at any time and in any riding conditions.

The Aprilia NA 850 Mana engine does not in any way make the ride less enjoyable. Quite the opposite, it adds the enjoyment of ultra-rapid gear changes which improve the performance of the engine in acceleration or on demanding routes. All it takes is a click to pass from one mode to the other, from a relaxed ride to a sporty ride.

The engine therefore multiplies the potential of the bike.

The 90 V structure was chosen for its torque and power delivery characteristics and combines perfectly with this type of transmission 850 cc for 75HP at the crank and torque of up to 8kg at particularly low engine speeds (5750 revs). These figures give a good idea of the performance of this engine and show that this engine certainly does not suffer from an inferiority complex. Even when compared with more sporty bikes, partly thanks to its incredible acceleration.

The four valves per cylinder are controlled by a single overhead camshaft with chain drive, simplifying maintenance while at the same time guaranteeing efficient performance. As is usual for Aprilia high capacity engines, lubrication is dry sump, with a separate tank integrated into the engine to keep the weight of the assembly down.

The Mana’s engine breathing benefits from the particularly large volumes from both the airbox and the exhaust. Its electronic engine management involves a sophisticated Weber Marelli fuel injection system with one 38mm throttle body and an ignition system with two spark plugs per cylinder. These features which result in optimum combustion at all speeds, and thus improving performance and reducing pollution, which is a must in this increasingly environmentally conscious society.

The Mana NA 850’s engine is not just high in performance, but also extremely environmentally friendly. It has a completely stainless steel exhaust with catalytic converter and Lambda probe oxygen sensor to make the Aprilia NA 850 Mana fully Euro 3 compliant.


The sports personality of the Aprilia NA 850 Mana is emphasised not just by the engine, but also by the beautifully designed chassis. As with all Aprilia bikes, the structure chosen for the NA 850 Mana was developed hand in hand with the engine to guarantee that harmony between the performance of the mechanics and chassis which has always been the pride of all Aprilia bikes.

The large-section tubular steel trellis frame sets new standards of rigidity for its class, perfectly in harmony with the other characteristics of this innovative engine and guaranteeing a superb ride. The single-piece aluminium swingarm controls a second shock absorber. The shock absorber is located at the side to reduce the length of the bike as much as possible, and the wheelbase in fact measures just 1463mm, making the bike extremely short, even for a sporty naked.


As in all Aprilia bikes, the exceptional quality of the chassis is also achieved through optimum definition of the type and calibration of the suspension. The Aprilia NA 850 Mana accepts no compromises.

The 43mm upside down fork provides exceptional smoothness. The 120mm wheel travel makes the bike equally at home on any route.

The shock absorber, located at the side to help keep the length of the bike down, is operated directly from the swingarm and provides adjustments for spring reload and rebound. The rear wheel travel is 125mm.

The Brakes:

The best technology currently available on the market is used to guarantee maximum efficiency. The radial callipers with four pistons are reminiscent of the race track bikes, with top level brakes which give the Aprilia NA 850 Mana unbeatable braking. The 320mm disks at the front are a generous standard size for Aprilia sports bikes; these are supported by a 240mm rear disk brake.

Aprilia NA 850 Mana Technical Specifications:

Engine: Aprilia Four stroke longitudinal 90 V twin. Liquid cooling. Single overhead cam with chain drive, four valves per cylinder.

Fuel: Unleaded petrol.

Bore x stroke: 88 x 69mm

Total displacement: 839.3 cc

Compression ratio: 10-11: 1

Maximum power at the crank: 55.1kW (75HP) at 7250rpm.

Maximum torque at the crank: 7.79kg (76.5Nm) at 8000rpm.

Fuel system: Integrated engine management system. Weber Marelli electronic fuel injection with one 38mm throttle body

Ignition: Digital electronic ignition, with two spark plugs per cylinder, integrated with fuel injection system.

Starting: Electric

Exhaust: Two in one system in 100% stainless steel with three-way catalytic converter and Lambda probe.

Generator: 450W at 6000rpm.

Lubrication: Dry sump with separate oil reservoir.

Gearbox: Sequential with manual or automatic mode selectable by the user. 7 ratios in manual mode. Three mappings (Touring, Sport, Rain) in automatic mode. Gear change by pedal or handlebar command.

The user can switch from automatic to sequential mode at any moment.

Clutch: Automatic

Primary drive: Belt

Final drive: Chain

Frame: High strength steel trellis

Front suspension: 43mm upside-down fork Wheel travel: 120mm.

Rear suspension: Aluminium alloy single-piece swingarm

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