Cadillac is a luxury vehicle division of General Motors which is based in the United States. Earlier it was called Cadillac Motor Division. Currently, it is supplying its luxury cars majorly to Canada, China and of course United States. However, the company also supplies cars in 34 other markets. In fact, since its inception in the year 1902, Cadillac has been the biggest luxury car supplier in the United States. In 2012 alone, Cadillac sold approximately 150,000 cars in US alone.


Cadillac happens to be one of the oldest automobile brands of the world. In America, it is the second oldest automobile company next to another subsidiary of its parent company GM called Marque Buick. This company was founded in 1902 and 9 years later it was followed by Chevrolet, which is another automobile division of General Motors.


Cadillac was first owned by Ford. General Motors purchased it the year 1909. By that time the brand had already been established as one of the leading luxury carmakers. The most striking aspect of this division was that the precision parts of this card were totally interchangeable and thus mass manufacturing of the vehicles was made possible.


The first automobiles by this brand were Tonneau and Runabout. The manufacturing of these vehicles was completed in 1902. They were designed in the likeness of a two-seater carriage. It had a 10 horsepower engine. These vehicles were exhibited in an auto show in New York and were instantly liked by the people. They immediately received more than 2000 pre-orders on the car.