Big Dog Mastiff

2010 Big Dog Mastiff

2010 Big Dog Mastiff Base


The 2010 Big Dog Mastiff is appropriately named, based on its large-and-in-charge, head turning capability. However, the Big Dog Mastiff boasts more capability than its namesake, and better performance characteristics than what most custom motorcycle enthusiasts would suspect.

After years of presenting riders with custom choppers, pro-street and cruiser motorcycles, in the latter half of the 21st century’s first decade, the builds became more about comfort and riding capability. Sure, there are several Big Dog models that continue to boast as much novelty and nostalgia as overall performance, but with the 2010 Mastiff, riders can enjoy a low, lean, and mean cruise.

As is signature with the Big Dog Motorcycles line, the rake of the 2010 Big Dog Mastiff is reminiscent of the outlaw choppers of the past. With marked precision, craftsmanship, and enough road damping through a telescopic front fork, performance isn’t denied for the sake of achieving a look. The 21 inch front wheel looks spectacular when sitting for admiration, and provides a smooth, effortless ride when rolling the city streets, or especially on the highways.

It’s common to see variances in wheel design—from classic spoke lacings, to cut and assembled rims.

From the front end, the pull-back bars on the Big Dog Mastiff allow for a combination of look and comfort. It can easily be stated that this beast is no Honda Gold Wing in the realm of comfort, and traditional riding position. It can also easily be stated that the Honda Gold Wing will never be the Big Dog Mastiff in the realm of roadway domination, and wow factor.

The tradeoff is evident, and should be understood by any potential owner.

Big Dog Mastiff

The thoughtful aesthetic lines begin to steal the show, where the tank meets the backbone. The profile of this custom cruiser offers a gentle slope from tank to seat, with a short seat back that is reminiscent of a ski jump. The short rear fender hugs the immense 300 tire, and the turn signals double as the brake lights.

The goods of the Big Dog Mastiff are evident, but the performance will remain elusive until you test-ride this 2010 offering. The 117 cubic-inch motor is powerful, and when combined with a Baker 6-speed transmission, this Mastiff can flat-out fly. Pushing through the gears, it offers a mean, V-Twin grumble that suggest this dog’s bark is as impressive as its bite.

The 2010 Big Dog Mastiff is that bike that a child will see, and will not stop talking about until they’re in their 20s, when they finally get to hop on their first cruiser. However, this motorcycle is for nobody less than an experienced rider. The length is something that even the most experienced rider will need to adjust to—but once the idiosyncrasies are adapted to, the Big Dog Mastiff is a true dream machine.

New For 2010

The 2010 Big Dog Mastiff is based on the same engineering and styling cues of its predecessors.

Big Dog Mastiff
Big Dog Mastiff
Big Dog Mastiff

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