Vespa GTS 125 Super Review

Vespa GTS 125 Super Review

The brand new, 3,399 GTS 125 Super, for example, could possibly look superfluous as there are actually plenty of 125 Vespas already. The S125, the LX125 along with the LXV125 are based on the LX platform, a compact chassis made for much more compact motors from 50cc to 150cc, and also

far more compact cyclists. Vespa’s GT series platform underpins larger models with extra powerful motors from 125cc to 300cc, so even though there is a option of GT-type 125 or LX, the GTs are much better suited to taller riders.

There’s additional alternative: the GTV is often a retro-designed model using its front lights mounted on the front mudguard, the GTS will be the regular model plus the latest GTS 125 Super may be the most sporting. Often, at this level, that’s reflected merely in some styling details and also, to those in the know, the cachet of the “Super” badge.

But the GTS Super also differs from the other 125s in featuring fuel injection and electronically pumped coolant for enhanced effectiveness. The brand new motor also gives you substantially longer service intervals, up from 4,000 to 6,000 mls. Using much better economic system of as much as 90mpg being claimed (despite the fact that no meaningful figures are obtainable), this will mean usefully reduced running expenses.

Cosmetically, the Super is recognized by its cooling grille within the right-side panel beneath the seat, one of a kind 2-tone alloy wheels, a various seat and also touches such as a black headlight surround and red front-suspension spring. Not a good deal, but adequate for the Vespisti it appears, while extra casual owners will nonetheless value the solidity and far better handling. It’s superbly balanced and also thus extremely simple to ride and also wriggle by means of site visitors, with top quality suspension and remarkable stability at speed.

The smooth, 15bhp motor is one of the greatest performers in the class, giving a top speed of 65mph.

There is less space for storage beneath the seat than on several scooters you could fit a couple of small open-faced helmets in there, though I’d never ever advocate wearing those anyway and also the baggage rack is an choice rather than standard.

You also get the chic and also authenticity that arrives just using the actual point. It seems fantastic and also it really is a Vespa, not a vespa.

Vespa GTS 125 Super Specifications

Power/torque: 15bhp@9,750rpm/9lb ft@7,500rpm

Top speed: 65mph

Fuel economy: 80-90mpg (est)

Fuel tank/range: 2.1 gallons/180 miles

Seat height: 790mm/31.1in

Transmission: automatic/belt final drive

Vespa GTS 125
Vespa GTS 125
Vespa GTS 125
Vespa GTS 125

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