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Thread: Viper Race Can–MY SHORT REVIEW


Hey riderforums.com community,

This is my first thread. I’ve been lurking around mostly gaining priceless info from the site for over a year now, but hadn’t had a good reason to start a thread nor rack up more than 35 posts. I’m averaging a little over 1 post a month though.

Haha But I love riderforums.com and have found I come here so often, I can’t even begin to type www into my tool bar before riderforums.com pops up miraculously already knowing my intentions. So before any one can welcome me, I’d like to start by saying thanks for the AWESOME forum.

So I guess I can now begin the review.

To start, I purchased the Viper Race Can (oval polished aluminum) through exotic-sportbike.com. I received the pipe 13 days after purchase. I didn’t have a problem with exotic-sportbike like I have read that others had. Just to let that be known.

But, I purchased from them before I read all reviews of the company on this board for some odd reason If I would have been smart enough to do that I probably wouldn’t have bought from them, but fortunately I must have bought something they had in stock. I don’t know. I know why I bought it. it was only $200 grand total shipped to my door.

Anyways. on with the review.

The quality of the can appears decent. I would not put it on a show bike. It is by far not the best aluminum can I have seen, but all in all a quality product. I like the stamping instead of a huge riveted tag for the brand decal. The sound is superb.

I find it music to my ears over the stock I could hardly hear (being drowned out by my dad’s bandit 1200 with a muzzy mostly though). The can has a very deep tone. I think it’s deeper than some of the others I have heard on youtube, but then again a video doesn’t always reproduce the same tone’s.

It isn’t near as loud a my dad’s muzzy either, but still a good level I think. The muzzy is too loud for my taste anyways.

Jetting needed. I don’t believe so. Seems to run like a champ maybe even better than before. I used to have the bog from stop (carb mix screw caps still not drilled by the way), but since the pipe install I have not felt the bog at all.

Ducati Vyper

Also my bike seemed to never want to idle until you at least rode it and put some load on the motor for around 100 feet or so, now the bike purrs like a kitten without ever needing the previous annoying treatment.

As far as fitment goes, at first i was a little displeased with the way the can bolted up to the factory flange. It’s been a week since I first installed, and the look is starting to grow on me. The problem is that since this can is actually for a zx-7 (that’s what the box reads anyways, but the viper race can website denotes the same part number for zx-7, zr-7, and i believe some version of the zx-6) there is about an inch of the can’s flange left uncovered, and doesn’t have that clean flush exhaust look as all other I have seen pictures of here or anywhere for that matter.

I will have to find a way to get some pictures to let everyone know what I am talking about if any interest. That is really the only con, and like I say the look is growing on me. Also, a few guys that ride have dropped by the shop this week, and no one has taken notice to the gap nor had any bad comments about it.

Well I believe I’ve typed my fingers numb for the moment. Any questions.

Hope this will come to use. Good day to everyone and ride safe.


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Ducati Vyper
Ducati Vyper
Ducati Vyper
Ducati Vyper
Ducati Vyper
Ducati Vyper
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