On Saturday, police officers who were responding to street racing reports in West Seattle arrested three teens for auto theft.

According to the police, witnesses called in at around 7:45 on Saturday morning and reported that there was a street racing which was currently ongoing. In addition to that the eyewitness also added that there was suspicious behavior around a park that was parked in the 5400 block of 34th Ave. SW.

Police officers who responded to the call reported that they saw three boys running from a car in the area.

Upon checking the car which the three boys had abandoned the police realized that it had its instrument panel, steering column, as well as other parts of the car, either removed or damaged.

The three teens who had escaped on foot were found just a few blocks away. While police were conducting a search on the three, they found a shaved key which is usually used when stealing cars. In addition to that, the police found several car parts on the truck of another car which was parked at the original scene. Inside the car was a fourth teen who police believe were the driver for the three teens. The teen offered no resistance and allowed the police to search the car without any trouble.

The owner of the car which had it’s had been stolen and had its parts either damaged or removed called the police and indeed confirmed the reports that his car had been stolen.

The three teens who were arrested were booked into King County Youth Service Center while the fourth teen was released.