Kawasaki ZZR-X

Well i had these picture’s for about half a year and i never paid any attention to them until you brought it up. there they are.

Here’s some information that i found on the bike.

Category: Prototype / concept model

Rating: 82.7 out of 100.

Engine and transmission

Displacement: 1164.00 ccm (71.03 cubic inches)

Engine type: In-line four

Stroke: 4

Transmission type

final drive: Shaft drive (cardan)

More details Consult a Kawasaki repair manual.

Aperantly this bike is a 2004 concept. I don’t know if the bike has been for sale because it’s one of a kind but i’m sure that it was definetly on show’s and was sold in very, very small quantaties.

The Kawasaki ZZR-X concept was first shown at the 2003 Milan Motorcycle Show. The ZZR-X was billed as a high speed tourer, but its ingenuity lies in the adjustable riding mode mechanisms which allows the rider to adjust the ZZR-X to suit road conditions and riding styles.

The Kawasaki ZZR-X can be changed to suit low speed touring, with raised screen and protective fairing, all the way up to full-on sport mode, where the screen and fairing move into their most aerodynamic position.

The fairing also changes shape depending on speed, modifying its shape to the optimum profile.

Kawasaki ZZR-X

The Kawasaki ZZR-X concept has other clever design solutions, including; radical cone-shaped, rim-mounted disk brakes designed for maximum cooling efficiency, a mass-centralised fuel tank, a large storage space in front of the seat, and a silencer built into the curvaceous bodywork.

2004 Kawasaki ZZR-X

Probably the most radical machine of the show has yet to turn a wheel under its own power. The ZZR-X is Kawasaki’s forward-looking concept bike that combines advanced technology, super-sport potential and touring capability. This is the ultimate high-speed tourer,” reads the Kawasaki press material. “The future of supersport touring.

The ZZR-X features hub-mounted steering that uses a two-pronged aluminum swingarm actuating a shock absorber instead of the ubiquitous telescopic fork. Handlebars sweep through the area that looks like a fuel tank; the actual tank is placed near the center of the bike. Perimeter rim-mounted disc brakes are fitted to both wheels.

Touring amenities include a shaft drive hidden inside the aluminum rear swingarm, an adjustable-rake, flip-up windscreen and a large storage area in front of the seat. Kawasaki doesn’t mention any details about the ZZR-X’s engine, but it’s safe to say there will be ample power if the bike is ever built. The rear seat cowl flips up into a backrest, probably to keep the passenger from flying off at 186 mph.


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Kawasaki ZZR-X
Kawasaki ZZR-X
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