Kawasaki ER-6f

Kawasaki ER-6f Road Test

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Matthew Macdonald: Awesome first bike in my opinion, as long as you think through your decisions (like every bike). It will still get you into trouble, and it will still get you killed. But its predictable, unlike the bigger bikes.

I have a 2013 – Looking at upgrading soon to a zx6, but Ive riden a few other bikes and needed to ride this for my licence. Never had a single issue with her, 7500km so far. п»ї

M13: I have the older version. This new one has much nicer styling, nicer lights, a cool dash. and vibration is a problem on the older ones. I’d like to upgrade, but that’s a lot of money to get a bike that’s effectively the same. just cooler looking.

Thanasis Papapostolou: it’s the f version man you re talking about the n version.

mrcooltj: en tausender mehr und man hat ne z750!

Balkanboy333: i dont know but its all a lil to short tests

kirigasaisai: Are you a beginer? at first you buy er6f enjoy it 1 season .next you ,ll decide choice 2010,2009,2008 ,s cbr600! or still er6f.with makeing money. but on me? i .ll take R6. YAMAHA!!

rimfire72: hi, I stand 5-foot. will you suggest this bike for me. I am experience with smaller bikes @ around 100cc and want to try my hand at bigger bikes for country side cruising

sotkata: nice vid!

jerseyy: @F0ckUtoob hey dude, you seem to have some bikes knowledge. i have no motorcycle experience and i want to make a licence and buy this one. how fast is it. it has 70 hp. how much is it for such a bike. how much does it take to reach 100 km/h for a bike with 70 hp??

mshl8188: I didnt like the colour of this bike, I like that typical Kawasaki green colour, its colour is same as the green tree snake. I like that more. And for 5000GBP, Its really is a bargain.

salbepol: This man should be 1.50m tall.

rumbo75: If he isnВґt counter steering then how is he turning?

geonlansis: i own an 2009 er6n without the fairing and its very difficult to ride without the fairing. is it possible to fix an er6f fairing onto my er6n? Thanks everyone.

theoriginaldimi: @thatthething With his height he should be the most suited guy to review Chinese Dax copies

harmonicgrunt: thanks☺☺

Whitehorze: @tellemfans I believe the name Erik Buell should come to mind. He did build an EX/ER class bike. It was a 500cc single cyl called the Blast.

Nobody bought them in enough numbers to make any money.

Dusty McFarland: @F0ckUtoob No entry level bikes? NT700. Touring? Goldwing, ST1300, and the Interceptor. Dual sport? CRF230L and the XR650L. Not sure where you’re getting your info.

Hexadecimal110: F0ck you are an idiot and probably an inexperienced rider that chooses to suggest a bike that you yourself could not handle on someone that is well capable. Bboy if you have any questions ask me, I have been riding for years and will be able to suggest something that will make you happy.

F0ckUtoob: Maybe, that professional rider, is cutting the pex a little so that he can give the best feedback and results he can, to the viewers (aka he salary payers). You know, riders that ride a sport bike, like a sport bike. Not sport bike riders that doddle along like they’re on a cruiser. BTW, pex would be short for Apex.

Can’t ( shouldn’t) give a accurate review, if you never work the envelope. And I think he’s qualified to do it. He doesn’t sit around and comment on YouTube everyday.

loafy1: ВЈ5000..the kawasaki website is saying ВЈ5999 otr, have prices really gone up that much in 2 years?!

Lewis Hiley: I prefer the older model with black paintwork and the red frame. This is still a nice bike though, just needs to get a new exhaust