Before you drive a car to a rainy area, it is important for you to understand and know how you need to manage the crisis when there is a flood and you have got stuck in a car. When you have six-inch water, it would definitely lead to steering failure as such you won’t be able to control your vehicle. When the water is 1 foot, it might make your car float over water, 2 feet would make the vehicle sweep away however big they might be. Whenever you and your car have been surrounded by water, make sure not to wait for help as water level might raise and it could get on to your life.

Make sure to follow the following steps in such crises:

Visibility: Whenever your car has been covered with flooded water make sure to keep your car visible. It means that you need to switch on the headlights and the hazard lights so that someone might see you and come to rescue you.

Don’t sit inside the car: which means that you shouldn’t keep yourself sit inside. Whenever you see your car surrounded by water the first and most important thing which you need to do is to unlock your seat belt as well as the doors so that you are free. It would be easy for you to get out of the car when you get any help from the officers.

Remove layers of clothes: if you are wearing more number of clothes like extra stuff as jackets make sure to remove them as it will help you to swim easily.

Open window: it’s always better to open your windows and stay within the car. Generally, the electric windows do work even when there are floods but before the water fills completely make sure to open the windows very slowly. Once you have opened the window try to get out of the car and find a safe ground and contact 911.

Choose plan B if you are unable to open windows:

If you are unable to open window, break open and try to get out of the window. When water levels are high you won’t be able to open the car doors. You would be able to open the door only when you allow the water to enter into the car and for this, you need to hold your breath and open the door.