Usually, there are two main reasons for the rear wheel drive vehicle vibration whenever you get on the accelerator or get off. When the tires and wheels are not well balanced and may be due to the worn-out U joints. As these can wear any time irrespective of its life span it’s always better to get them checked and replaced if required. In some rare cases, vibration can also be caused due to the broken, loose or the worn-out suspension components.

Way to eliminate vibration in your vehicle

If your tires or wheels are not properly balanced and if your wheel loses its weight then it could cause vibration. Though might not be that severe it would get worse as you move faster. Make sure to have a look at both sides of wheels for any missing weights. When there is a slight imbalance in the wheel it could only be shown up at a particular speed only.

All about the U-joint

The U joint connects the transmission and the rear end. It’s in the shape of a cross and this cross would fit inside a cup which contains needle-like bearings which would allow the cup to rotate around the U joint whenever the vehicle moves up or down. These might fail some times when they have been under severe usage. When the lubrication is lacking it would make the needles wear away. As such the polished tip would bounce back into the cup due to which the vibration could be felt when you go up or down.

Why a damaged U Joint might not create vibration every time?

When there is a bad U joint it might not be shown every time. You can feel it only when the vehicle moves at a particular speed. Usually, it cannot be observed when you go steadily at a particular speed as there is no much load over it. It can either increase or decrease with speed.

Other symptoms which you shouldn’t ignore:

If you own an automatic transmission vehicle and you might get a chunk sound whenever you shift your gear to first or reverse. Never ignore the sound as it might be due to the wear and tear of the U joint. The sound might also be produced when you step on or off the gas pedal in your vehicle.