Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection
Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection

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Sequential Port Fuel Injection System

EFI systems in Harley-Davidson motorcycles released after 2001 determine how much fuel to inject into the engine by reading the engine load sensor, known as the intake manifold vacuum sensor. EFI is controlled by an electronic control computer chip which determines how much fuel to allow into the engine.


The MAP sensor communicates intake manifold pressure to the engine control module (ECM). The ECM is updated when the EFI is changed to maintain the correct air/fuel mixture. Ignition timing might change after cleaning the electronic fuel injection.

The air filter should be inspected every 5000 miles or more often if you drive on dirt.

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Harley-Davidson introduced the FLSTF Fat Boy to the Softail line for the 1990 model year. For 2001, Harley-Davidson added fuel injection to.

One of the more common problems with the fuel system of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be the failure of the fuel pump.

The battery in your Harley-Davidson Road King will fail eventually, especially after a long period of inactivity. Getting the old battery out.

2003 Harley Davidson Road King Specs. From the American manufacturers at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King continues the.

Harley Fuel System Options. Harley Davidson motorcycles are manufactured in a wide range of body styles to suit a variety of performance.

That little red light on your speedometer usually doesn’t have much to say, turning off just as soon as you’ve noticed it.

Harley Diagnostic Tools. Diagnostic scan tools help you isolate problems with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle by relaying the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs.

Up until the mid-1980s, the automobile carburetor dominated fuel delivery to the internal combustion engine. But electronic fuel injection, or EFI, is.

Harley introduced Road King dressers with an 82 cubic inch Evolution engine in 1993. The models were sold with 88 inch Twin.

If you own a Harley-Davidson V-Rod you have most likely wondered what the bike would look like if you customized it. This.

Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection
Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection

The Harley-Davidson Road King, also designated as the FLHR model, was introduced in 1993. The motorcycle features a retro design and is.

With each mile traveled on a Harley-Davidson, dirt and grime enter the engine and could eventually cause motor problems. This is why.

Porting and polishing an engine’s intake manifold is an essential step in optimizing its performance, particularly if it is a modified engine.

Electronic fuel injection (EFI), the most widely used fuel system today, utilizes a computer to inject fuel into the engine. This computer.

The main circuit breaker is a known and reported issue on the previous year’s 2002 Road King. Weak batteries are also an.

1997 Harley Davidson Road King Specs. The 1997 Harley-Davidson Road King is a custom cruiser bike that is part of the company’s.

Harley-Davidson Road King Tire Specs. Harley-Davidson Road Kings first appeared in 1994. The dressers with wide whitewall tires over steel laced wheels.

Similar to a car, changing your motorcycle oil periodically provides a flushing out of sediments and old engine grit that the oil.

Equipped from the factory with two-into-one exhaust, the Harley-Davidson Road King–Evolution, Twin Cam 88 and Twin Cam 96–is designed for optimal performance.

2003 Harley Davidson V-Rod Specs. Harley Davidson developed the V-Twin Racing Street Custom in 2001 to compete against other American and Japanese.

Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection
Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection
Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King Injection
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