Le Mans sports car racing event, 2015 witnessed almost over 260,000 people who came over the Le Mans, Paris, France. There were fans and participants that came from all over the world to see the stunning and classic sports car race. There’s a lot that we learnt during this event such as:

•    Racers will hardly get enough sleep before the event due to the shifts and practice sessions.
•    The windscreen will get dirty and will make the visibility very poor; almost nil. There’s no point of using windscreen wipers to clean it all.
•    People are crazy for car racing and they will come to see it from anywhere in the world.  This event is basically a campsite event for people of all nationalities.
•    Every year, the cars will get better and faster. Not just this, there will be times that we may get awestruck with their efficiency. Instead, we all actually wait for new models!