Many of you believe that electric cars are new. Actually, the electric car was invented before a petrol powered car. The first person who designed an electric car was Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor. He did this between 1832 and 1839. Today, electric cars are popular, but still many people choose conventional cars. The reason why is in range. All electric cars have a relatively small range that they can cover with a single battery charge, and the recharging lasts very long.

The number of electric cars is increasing, but still there are no enough of them. They don’t require maintenance. But the battery must be eventually replaced and it is expensive. Also, deep charging cycles can damage the battery very fast. In the past several years a progress was made, but it isn’t enough. Still, many electric cars need 24 hours to completely recharge batteries, and this is too long.

One of the reasons why people avoid buying electric cars is because they believe only ‘’wimps’’ drive electric cars. If you are one of them, and you have a lot of money, buy a Tesla. It is an electric sport car. Tesla roadster looks great, the 0-60mph time is only 4 seconds. It can cover 200 miles per one charge. Also, it gets the equivalent of 135 miles per gallon. Tesla roadster is a two-seater, but it offers a lot of space inside and the big boot. The best side is that Tesla doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. The only drawback is the sound. There is no one.