In the 1980s introduction to automotives was first made in America. Engineers of the other Nations were far away from the concept of automotives that would be self reliable. But during that period of years the American engineers made the dream come true. From horse carriage they made first made their automotive subtracting horse from the carriage and modifying the carriage into something new that started moving of its own without the horses. A new invention thus was made in the American history. Transportation became easy and strenuous free. People easily moved from one place to another place in short time. The advantages for the new invention This invention proved to be advantageous to the Nation. The citizens those who were unemployed till the invention was made got an opportunity to get employed. The economic structure of the society started to develop. Individual families started to become stable in the ground of economy. These automotive industries gave huge scope for the citizens to get employed. Automotive designer too got opportunities in designing automobile. Transportation cost became low. Roads were repaired for the transportation of goods. Export import business started to take place. The environment started to develop. The connection between nations becomes easier. The disadvantages that the Nation faced Apart from many advantages the disadvantages are not in less number. The environment started to get polluted due to the pollution released by the automobiles. The horns that were attached with the automobiles created sound pollution. Due to increase of vehicles the roads became congested. Frequent accidents started taking places. But now the government has taken initiatives and trying its best to look after the disadvantages.