Yamaha BT 1100
Yamaha BT 1100

Yamaha BT1100 Maintenance and Repair Manual

Supplied in easy to read and print pdf format and works with all operating systems; Windows XP, Vista, 7, MAC, etc. (any device that reads pdf format) plus there’s No waiting for delivery!



Fuel system



Electrical system

Cooling system diagrams



Lubrication system chart diagrams

Periodic Checks Adjustments

Replacement parts




Electrical specifications

Valve clearance

Special tools


Using the workshop manual

Engine oil


Engine specifications


Maintenance schedule

Cable routing



Drive chain

Gaskets, oil seals o-rings

Tightening torque values


Rear brake

Chain drive

Steering head

Front wheel

Swing arm


Rear wheel

Removal, Checking Installation

Front fork

Front brake

Rear shock absorber

Jumps out of gear

Poor braking performance

Incorrect engine idling speed

Faulty front fork legs

Unstable handlebars

Over cooling

Starting failures

Shift pedal does not move

Faulty lighting signaling system

Faulty gear shifting

Faulty clutch



Charging system

Throttle position sensor

Cooling system

Colour codes

Radiator fan motors

Wiring Diagram


Starter motor operation

Lean angle sensor

Yamaha BT 1100

Cylinder Identification sensor

Ignition coils

Throttle valves

Electrical components

Intake air temperature sensor


Bulbs bulb sockets

Spark plug

Diagnosis mode

Intake air pressure sensor

Circuit diagrams


Electrical starting system

Troubleshooting, checks, removal Installation


Rectifier regulator

Ignition system

Fuel pump

Fuel sender

Coolant temperature sensor


Starter coil

Crankshaft position sensor

Air induction system solenoid


Atmospheric pressure sensor

Oil level switch

Fuel injection

The Yamaha BT1100 is an angry looking naked bike that just screams aggression from every angle. Despite having only around a quarter of the bike concealed with body panelling, this Yamaha actually looks fantastic, especially if you’re not a big fan of those flamboyant super bikes with their fluorescent paint jobs. With its 1100cc engine and no windshield or sound deadening, this is the ideal bike for the rider that wants the sensory experience in order to feel every inch of the road.

You’ll be lucky not to have pedestrians craning their necks in response to that V2 SOHC engines growl if you ever take the bike through town and, since this bike’s such a great all rounder, you’d be missing out on a lot of fun if you didn’t.

Keeping up with the rate of wear on a high powered bike such as the BT1100 can be stressful if you haven’t got money to burn. This is only emphasised if you’re going to be commuting on this machine, causing further opportunity for those moving parts to begin their degrading path toward destruction. The only way to keep a stranglehold on this rapid rate of wear is to keep up a good routine of having your motorcycle serviced, but with that commitment comes high garage fees.

Since top end bikes can cost upwards of the one thousand mark to sort out, you’ll no doubt be looking for a less costly way to keep your bike on the road or otherwise risk the safety of your Yamaha by simply ignoring those services.

Fortunately, your search for a cheaper way to run your super bike is over thanks to the service manual. This is a simplified and detailed guide on how you can go about performing your own services and maintenance without having to fork out your entire pay cheque for the privilege. All it will take to get you started is a few hours of reading and you’ll be away, allowing you to give your BT1100 an overhaul whenever you feel it needs one.

In this way, you’ll have constant tabs on the condition of all those parts so you’ll be one step ahead of them before they have a chance to disintegrate.

By carrying out home maintenance with the manual, you’ll unlock the door to huge potential savings that will make a real difference over the course of a year. What’s more is the boost in performance you’ll be able to enjoy each time you give your bike its regular overhaul, allowing you to tear up those country lanes without fear of worn parts giving in on you in the middle of a straightaway. So why pay more for the same service when you could quite easily do as good a job yourself with the BT1100 service workshop manual today.

Yamaha BT 1100

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