Yamaha Worldcrosser Concept

Yamaha Super Tenere World Crosser First Ride

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Jack White: for thousand pounds more I would put my own protection on I don’t like the stickers.п»ї

crashedupderby: a thousand pounds more. why is it so much heavier. п»ї

TheRidingKnight: If you go for used, you can get a pretty clean one for 8k. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty reasonable.

Tack2252: Pitty it’ll cost around ВЈ12,000 New bike prices are daft these days, I’ll wait a couple years and get a good used one. Let someone else soak up the depreciation.

Frank Newcomb: Thank you for clearing that up ,i did think he said pounds meaning weight ,not money ,funny it just didnt dawn on me. )

Walter Wilkins: Good economical review of an excellent bike; esp with reference to last Tenere review. However, as with all of these hummer-cycles, the larger issue (pun) ought to be addressed: Who the hell really needs/wants/enjoys riding these bikes? Other than fuelling the ego, the smaller adventure bikes are way more enjoyable for the vast majority of riders.

Don’t you agree that what we really need are the smaller V-Stroms, Tigers, ect. to be upgraded with better suspension, brakes and factory farkles?

bigdaddy junior: i own a ktm 990 adventure, i i just find useless that they keep producing bigger and hevyer bikes for offroad adventure. i mean this crap is just way too heavy for offroad. i don get it. what we need is a 600 cc very light bike, with lots off hp, and a huge fuel tank. i mean wtf, whats next. 400 kilos 2300 cc with a 2 gallon fuel tank. freak this crap.

boxwoodgreen: I’m buying an adventure bike in the spring of 2013, and sadly the BMW trio are alone in the top tier of my list. ( F700GS, F800GS, R1200GS ) I’m 5’5 in thick socks and BMW is the only manufacturer the has a factory frame lowering option to get the seat height down to a level where I can touch ground. I’d love to consider the Triumph Tiger 800 or Explorer 1200 to get a 3 cylinder engine, or the Tenere but they’re just too tall.

hamsterminator01: to be honest. to be honest? to be honest.

mrnicktoyou: Thanks for being so perfectly honest, to be perfectly honest. But seriously, I like this reviewer.

kd4ysi: that looks like a very fun bike indeed

TheEvilMrHyde: Wow ,STICKERS.

miller almeida: Pitty I live in Brazil and here it costs around R$ 60,000 and we get R$ 600 per month

Anthony Barrick: This is the only guy worth watching on MCN

jarjarlol: It is really disappointing how expensive motorcycles are now. They are approaching car prices with all their fancy electronics. They need to make analog versions of all the bikes out that are basic and controlled by the rider.

Jason Nunemaker: No.

05068279: As usual, another great review by Michael Guy. But f*ck’s sake, learn to pronounce Akrapovic properly! You’re a motorcycle journalist. Ah-crap-oh-vitch.

Mario Blaha: i need XTZ 800 (twin motor) world crosser. please yamaha made it

leprinceconstant1985: Steady cam dude. If you shoot with dslr it looks like you have Parkinsons

bunnyDrug: I like this guy and his overviews. He seems down to earth

ApexIXMR: What are you, 12 years old?

Kyle Bubp: You’d be surprised. I’ve done water crossings with those tires on my Tenere.

panpipesjohn: 1:35 — akrophobic

SwollenCranium: You must also have no sense of humor. Jeeeeez. it was a joke, a play on words.

modutchable: 2:21 – damn amateurs leaving the indicator on!

Alex’s Bikes and Motors: i don’t understand how a bike with tyres like that can be ridden off road at all

DiamondTeee: Sounds nice, shame you’ve got to have min. 32 inside legs to ride any Adventure bike.

Bang Jeks: my dream bike. I hope not just dream