Yamaha WR 450 F

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Owners Manual #xD6;hlins enduro front fork Yamaha WR 450 F #x2013; 2-TRAC 2005 Including: Setting up your bike Fine-tuning Service the fork General handling set-up Technical info Spare parts.

Page 2: Table Of Contents

Introduction Safety signals NOTE All of #xD6;hlins advanced suspension products are Important information concerning safety is #xD6;hlins products are subject to continual improve- adapted to the brand and model. This means that distinguished in this manual by the ment and development. Consequently, although length, travel, spring, action and damping charac- following notations: these instructions include the most up-to-date.

Page 3: Tuning The Suspension, Design

The compression adjuster is The rebound adjuster Spring pre-load is adjusted located at the bottom of the is located at the top of with different spring supports. fork leg. the fork leg. Optional springs are available. Tuning the suspension Design In the legs there are also #x201C;air-springs#x201C;.

Page 4: Settings, Setting The Spring Preload

Bike on a stand. Bike on the ground. Bike with rider on. Settings Setting the spring pre-load #x2022; Allow the motorcycle (without rider) to apply load on the springs and repeat the Basic settings Measuring measuring procedure (R2, F2).

Always ensure that the basic setting made by Pre-load on the spring/springs is very important, #x2022;.

Page 5: Fine Tuning The Bike

Compression stroke Rebound stroke Flow in compression valve Flow in rebound valve Flow in compression valve Flow in rebound valve in the cartridge tube during the compression Make sure that you have the correct springs and Fine-tuning the bike stroke, the rebound bleed valve controls the flow the correct spring pre-load before making any Learning how to use the adjusters will take time during the rebound stroke.

Page 6

Air spring Oil level Oil level 100 mm Oil level 110 mm Oil level 120 mm Oil level 130 mm 5 0 0 A change in oil level Oil level is measured 4 5 0 will effect the damp- from the top of the 4 0 0 ing forces, not in the outer leg, with the top.

Page 7: Pre-load Adjustment

Tool (1873-01) 17 mm Adjustment wrench wheel 17 mm Tool Top cap wrench (1860-01) Balls and springs Damper rod 24 mm extender wrench Damper rod assy Pre-load adjustment Put the bike on a stand and loosen the screws in Remove the top cap from the damper rod extender. Unscrew the top cap, use a 17 mm wrench and the top fork crown that hold the fork legs.

Page 8

Spring Adjustment support Optional wheel spacers 02428-08 02428-04 Top cap Spring support Remove the spring support. Fit the spring support and the top cap. Tighten Install a optional spacer to achieve the right the top cap and lock nut to a torque of 20 Nm. static sag.

Page 9: Changing Springs, Dismantling

Front fork L #x2265; 460 mm Compression adjuster Vice with soft jaws Changing springs Dismantling Follow instructions 1-4 on previous page and Install the new spring. Loosen the screws that hold the fork legs in the remove the spring. Do not install the spring upper fork crown.

Page 10

Outer tube Tool 1797-03 Outer tube Inner leg Damper Tool Sleeve rod assy 1702-04 Bushing Seal Cylinder tube Inner leg Fixed bushing Perform steps 1-2 on page 7. Use the special tool (1702-04) to remove the CAUTION! Loosen the cylinder tube cap, on top of the cylinder bushing.

Page 11

Sleeve Bushing Seal Rebound Compression valve assembly valve assembly Remove the seal and bushing and check them Fasten the damper rod assembly in a vice with Remove the compression valve assembly from for wear and damage. Replace if necessary. soft jaws. Use tool 0727-02. the fork bottom using a 17 mm socket.

Page 12: Assembling

Inner leg Inner leg Scraper Circlip Tool 1799-04 Seal Scraper Washer Tool 1799-04 Circlip Bushing Sleeve Sleeve Seal Bushing Outer leg Bushing Assembling Apply a thin layer of #xD6;hlins red grease (146-01) Fasten the outer leg in a vice with soft jaws. Apply some #xD6;hlins red grease on the seals.

Page 13

Damper rod assy Cylinder 17 mm tube cap wrench Top cap Damper rod 24 mm extender wrench 60 Nm Cylinder Compression Damper tube valve assy rod assy Fasten the fork leg, at the fork bottom, in a vice Install the damper rod assembly into the cylinder Install the fork top cap and the lock nut.

Page 14

Technical specifications Fork length and stroke Oil level: When delivered from factory: 105 mm Length (L): 938 mm Stroke: 300 mm Adjustment range: 80-130 mm. Rebound and compression adjustment CAUTION! Refer to mounting instruction for set-up data.

Maximum open rebound and compression valve: Use only #xD6;hlins high performance front fork fluid 20 clicks.

Page 15

Spare parts Pos. Part No. Pcs.

Description Type/remarks 02400-01 Bump rubber 02403-01 Washer 02436-04 Spring support 4 mm Standard 02436-08 Spring support 8 mm Optional 02428-41 Spring 4.1 N/mm Standard 02428-43 Spring 4.3 N/mm Optional 02428-45 Spring 4.5 N/mm Standard 02428-47 Spring 4.7 N/mm Optional.

Page 16

Spare parts Pos. Part No. Pcs.

Description Type/remarks 00828-01 Screw M3x8 00820-02 Knob 01473-06 Circlip 00338-79 O-ring 02405-01 Adjustment screw 00884-01 Ball 00833-01 Spring 01050-01 Screw 00338-59 O-ring 2:10 02397-48 End cap bump rubber 48mm 2:11 00438-61 O-ring 2:12 02366-13 Adjustment rod 2:13 02402-01.

Page 17

Spare parts Rebound adjuster Compression adjuster Pos. Part No. Pcs.

Description Type/remarks 3:21 00438-31 O-ring 3:22 02356-03 Rebound needle 3:23 02322-01 Spring 3:24 02320-03 Piston holder 3:25 00610-18 1/leg Shims 00530-18 3/leg Shims 3:26 01149-01 2/leg Wave washer 3:27 00520-22 1/leg Shims 3:27.

Page 18

Front suspension. General handling set-up Feels harsh over small bumps, but using full Front end falls into the curves (oversteering) Front fork travel is not used to its full wheel travel. especially in sand. capacity. Harsh feeling, front wheel grip is not satisfactory in bumpy turns.

Page 19: Maintenance

Maintenance Telescopic front forks depend on a smooth, friction free action. Make sure your forks are regularly serviced. Do not use strong solvents, such as brake cleaner, to clean the front forks.

This will dry out the seals and the steel tubes and cause friction or leakage.

Page 20

More info www.ohlins.com #xD6;hlins Racing AB, Box 722, S-194 27 Upplands V#xE4;sby, Sweden Phone +46 8 590 025 00, Fax +46 8 590 025 80 Your #xD6;hlins dealer.

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