Right-side drive. it’s about time. With the wide-tire craze in full swing, we’re gratified to see OEM chopper manufacturers recognize the need for compensation in the driveline. Anyone who’s ever ridden a 200mm tire or wider bike knows all about the engine and transmission offset required to line up the fatty rear tire with the front.

Big is in, and American IronHorse’s Legend chopper ain’t small by any measurement. Inside the Legend’s Softail-style, large-diameter, tubular frame with 4 inches in the backbone and 6 in the downtubes is a polished 111ci SS; motor with a 240-series tire in the rear. Our test riders aren’t small guys either, Ernie and I are both 6 feet tall, and we thought the bike was comfortable as hell, for our dimensions.

The handlebars, grips, and forward controls didn’t make us stretch forward too much or position our backs at weird angles.

Out front, the Legend sports 10-inch-over, hard chrome fork tubes, 38 degrees of rake in the neck, and triple-trees with another 4 degrees of rake. The 21-inch billet front wheel rides well in front of the handlebars — she isn’t that quick in the U-turn department. That’s OK, though, because this baby screams in a straight line.

With the big rear tire, this American IronHorse has plenty of traction, which is a good thing because of the more-than-enough-power 111ci SS; arm socket remover. One twist of the throttle and you’re passing every Harley you encounter. This bike does a lot more than cruise.

In fact, with its polished six-speed transmission, the Legend will run well into the triple-digit mph. You know what I mean, the I’m gonna-lose-my-license-if-I-get-caught-at-this-speed feeling. At that velocity the only thing strong enough to wipe the ear-to-ear grin off your face is the 130-mile wind.

American Ironhorse CHOPPER

Good times.

While we loved the looks, styling, and speed of the Legend, there really isn’t much ground clearance. The first thing to start hitting the pavement in the turns is the framerails, where the swingarm joins the frame. I guess you can’t have everything, if the bike sat higher it probably wouldn’t look as cool.

There are many reasons why the Legend looks as cool as it does, and it isn’t just the low profile. Barely covering the rear tire is a stubby, strutless fender. Keeping road grime off the rider is an extended front tire fender, contoured to the lines the wheel creates. A stretched gas tank graces the backbone, and under the seat is a stretched oil tank that complements the frame.

Protecting the sheetmetal of our test Legend was a black basecoat with wild flames and skull graphics — AIH never skimps on chrome or high-quality paint. And if you’re not looking for a paintjob this wild, it offers a number of other paint options to make sure you’re happy with your Legend.

We don’t expect you to take our word about this bike, go check one out for yourself, if you think you can handle it.

American Ironhorse CHOPPER
American Ironhorse CHOPPER
American Ironhorse CHOPPER
American Ironhorse CHOPPER
American Ironhorse CHOPPER
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