Indian Power Plus

1917 Indian Powerplus

Source: private party Anytown, U.S.A.

Posted: 01 Jun 2007

Specs Details Exterior Color: red

Engine: 2

Transmission: manual

Miles Driven: 5000

Sold For: $46,000

About This 1917 Indian

Time for a new custodian for my 1917 Indian Powerplus. This is my bike. I am not a broker, dealer, or anything other than an enthusiast. I have owned this wonderfull bike since 1999.

When I first purchased the bike I shipped only the motor to Ken Edmiston of Oregon and had him completely rebuild it with new pistons balanced to the lower end as well as new valves and guides.(reciept for the work)He was given the instructions to not clean or restore any of the exterior finishes or plating. I also had the Bosch magneto (yes correct for the bike as it was a $10 option when new as I understand).

It is a regular site on the local country roads around my small town near Asheville, NC. It has never left me stranded or failed to start on demand. I am knoweldgeable about this bike and Indians in general and have had various models over the years.

I have been an AMCA member for almost 20 years.

Bike was judged at Davenport a few years back without the side car attached and scored a 97.5. Points were lost for a 45 degree magneto on it at the time temporarily as the 42 degree was still off being rebuilt. I hoped the judges woudn’t notice but they did. For some reason they did not like the grips too.

I think it was supposed to have bone shakers?

Pictures tell it all! This bike is loaded with all the right bells and whistles: The gas head and tail light have perfect functioning burners in them. At one time it had a small welders acetylene tank in the footwell and they were used by previous owner. Speedo is period correct and rebuilt too by Tom Bethel. Super rare side car spotlight. (never seen another one) No nuts and bolts have been replaced with stupid looking modern stuff.

All the original spring clip pins are present for side car attachement as well as rear brakes. Those alone are a design wonder.

There is a complete original folding sidecar convertable top and the cockpit taneau cover.

I have a mostly complete tool kit and original owners manual as well an original pair of splitdorf plugs and acetylene tank wrench. All are now framed in a shadow box and displayed in my family room.

This bike is a work of mechanical art. As fascinating to stare at for hours as it is to ride.

There is a small stash of valuable spares that are included. Most worth mentioning are a complete transmision and clutch assembly. As well as internal handle bar linkage and a few other odds and ends.

Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
Indian Power Plus
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