The 2001 KTM 125 EXC has a two-stroke internal-combustion engine. Two-stroke engines fire one time per every revolution, which is twice as often as four-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines are significantly lighter than four-stroke engines, and they lack valves. The 2001 KTM 125 EXC has a single-cylinder engine, which is basic, compact and useful for saving weight. The engine displacement describes the full cylinder volume.

The displacement for the dirt bike is 7.63 cubic inches. The maximum performance rate is 15 horsepower.


Both the rear and the front brakes of the 2001 KTM 125 dirt bike are single-disc brakes. Single-disc brake systems are composed of brake pads, pistons, calipers and rotors, all of which work together in order to create friction between the pads and the disc, which forces the rotation of the wheels to either slow down or stop completely.

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KTM 125 Enduro Sport

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KTM 125 Enduro Sport
KTM 125 Enduro Sport
KTM 125 Enduro Sport
KTM 125 Enduro Sport
KTM 125 Enduro Sport

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