Kawasaki ER-6f

Kawasaki ER6f 2012: first road?

September 15, 2012 | Filed under: Kawasaki | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

As for the ER-6n, Kawasaki ER-6f improves this year by giving it a new chassis and refining its mechanical parts. More alluring with its new design, the 2012 Kawasaki ER-6f also wants more comfortable every day. These changes provided they transcend this entry-level road?   latestbikesinfo   just takes the handlebars, and you answered!

Kawasaki ER-6f 2012: First test

Like the roadster ER-6n, the entry level road Kawasaki ER-6f is also changing in 2012. The visual impact of the new “Ninjette” is the most successful. With its trim profile, he is sporting genes of green, but also a certain kinship with the GT-sport brand, the  Kawasaki Z1000SX . especially at the crown. The large integrated turn signals to the sides as the two independent optical, less spreading widths, we seem to be more visible.

We regret somewhat that this third incarnation no longer offers the two-tone face, but we are delighted to find these shades of color on the skin and the reservoir level.

We are also particularly pleased to have an adjustable windshield – by hex wrench – three positions, or 60 mm. For the rest, though some welds on the frame still lend to criticism (although …), the Kawasaki ER-6F 2012 is a beautifully made machine, without apparent son or ill-fitting plastic. Of course, one does not have pockets in the upper flanks of the fairing (yet there is room left!), But the two knobs headlamp setting are particularly accessible.

Sold € 6,999 (without ABS), this bike shows so popular and well thought rather rewarding.

Most beautiful city!

Prime targets for new motorcycle license since their launch in 2006, the Kawasaki ER-6n and f were always bikes available. Despite a saddle perched at 805 mm from the ground, the new seat of the ER-6f is a good home, even for pilots of small size. Indeed, the cut of the pilot seat is sharp enough for the feet of less than 1.70 m are easily ground support.

The handlebar classic curved just right is caught without asking any questions, orders are to match. Unlike a Honda CBR600F  – equipped with handlebars bracelets – we adopt a more upright position, enough to feel comfortable in town. Besides Urban, the new   Kawasaki ER-6f 2012  is particularly handy.

Slender without being thin, thanks to its compact parallel twin, light, short, small hound Kawasaki well (35 °) and handles like a bike. Now, its engine is no longer available “down”. Without hiccup or vibrate excessively, it is more usable below 3000 rev / min. A 50 km / h, one can indeed lock on the Fourth Report to 2300 rev / min and a net change of gas, without necessarily play selector for more pleasure.

At startup, the throttle response is immediate and substantial increase in speed, enough to propel you efficiently from one fire to another. The sound of atypical twin rigged to 180 ° is accompanying display of force is most enjoyable.

No friend of big guys

The seat of the ER-6f 2012 is proving far more welcoming and more comfortable. However, the big guys – like yours truly (1.83 m) – will feel somewhat cramped view of available footrest. Too high and remote, they oblige to kinking the legs to stand on the length. Highway, taking speed, we try to go faster is stalling under the bubble.

For large, the proximity of the passenger seat offers only limited opportunities to change positions.

Forced to slightly tilt the torso forward, we shall, nevertheless, the good protection offered by the bubble-like law. In the highest position, no turbulence is to be deplored in the headset or the upper parts of the body. The arms are somewhat subject to disturbance, but there is nothing confusing here.

As for the sides of the covering, they beautifully deflect the airflow, so that the legs are more sheltered than the previous model.

On this pool motorway, the ER-6f keyed to 130 km / h to 6000 rev / min provides a significant comfort. Unlike an  XJ6 Diversion  is wound without cranking more reasons than its mechanics. Some vibrations are always present in the feet and hands, but they are not unbearable either.

The streamlined roadster that we find in town is now easy proof of ride quality on highways. But what about its agility and its effectiveness on small winding roads that are now facing us? In “attack”, check it immediately.

Expressive and homogeneous

The floor is not completely dry, small national Euro we take is tricky, but the 2012 Kawasaki ER-6f is rapidly confident. Is this due to the new design of chassis, new suspension settings, or the adoption of Dunlop tires Roads mart II? The three captains! Although it weighs 5 kg more than the ER-6N version – because of its fairing – the F is just as agile and easy to take on the secondary network.

Precise place, keyed on its curved trajectory, it inspires confidence and security.

The suspension agreement is optimal – especially since the fork has been strengthened to offset the weight of the fairing – the travel and revised upwards ensure perfect for him more progressiveness in the absorption of small shocks. Certainly, on the connections a bit too pronounced, the little road sporty Kawasaki “wriggling” a little, especially when weighted with a 80 kg driver, but it ultimately proved a good neutral.

Its ground clearance is very good; we take the angles already beefy without asking any questions, reassured by the good grip of the tires. Between 4500 and 7000 rev / min, the engine is slightly muscular, but is essentially beyond the regime he excels, to the edge of his red zone, to 10 500 rev / min.

As long as one does not lie in this zone to the overshoot in the last three reports, it is still necessary to show a bit of patience (but less than before) to restart properly, despite a response instant the accelerator. Or play the box, which is not really a concern regarding its accuracy and its handling of more instinctive. A final point emerges from this positive breakaway driving dynamics: it is the braking performance of the ER-6f.

The system shows enough bite and again, easily controllable on the front and the back. On hard braking, the ER-6f 2012 does not dive excessively, is perfectly in line. The nose gear well shod back enough information to the pilot that he feels safe.

Balance Kawasaki ER-6f: For the reason … and passion!

With its full fairing, the Kawasaki ER-6f 2012 has proven ride quality, as long as its driver is not too large. In this register, the Kawasaki is more comfortable than the previous model. She always has the tie-down hooks in the back seat and the passenger is well off thanks to its independent seat and wide handles.

On its new dashboard, the long-term travelers will appreciate the appearance of a light “Eco”, promoting a smooth ride for a rational consumption and longer battery life.

More “Swiss knife” that the naked version, the ER-6f can also be seen as small entry-level sports, fun to drive, homogeneous, always inspired a sense of security. Sold € 6,999 (€ 100 more than the 2011 model, excluding promotions) or € 500 additional to the declination roadster, the 2012 Kawasaki ER-6f does not lack interest in financial terms.

Kawasaki ER-6f
Kawasaki ER-6f
Kawasaki ER-6f

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