Kymco Filly LX 50
Kymco Filly LX 50

2004 Filly LX 50

2004 KYMCO Filly LX 50


The 2004 Kymco Filly is a second iteration of the company’s debut to the U.S. from 2001. After 2005, though, the Kymco Filly was dropped, perhaps due to a lag in scooter sales in both the U.S. and Canadian markets. The antiquated design may have also had something to do with the drop in sales, but Kymco had the updated ZX50 scooter to take its place.

Still, the Filly sold fairly well during its stint in the U.S. scooter market, and used Kymco Filly scooters are still being sold to this day.

The difference between the Kymco Filly 50 and the ZX 50 engine is that the Filly 50 uses a four-stroke engine rather than a two-stroke. This means that the Filly 50 is less sprightly, but has a more fuel-efficient and smoother ride than its counterparts. Speeds on the Filly 50 top out at around 35 mph.

The Filly 50 contains the same core motor found in all of the other four-stroke, 50 cc Kymco engines, including the Sento, Vitality 4T, People S, and Agility.

The fuel mileage on the Kymco Filly 50cc scooter is a liberal 80-90 mpg, which is comparable, albeit slightly lower than, the leading fuel-injected three- or four-valve liquid-cooled engines that can be found in competing 50cc scooter engines that are capable of higher speeds. An advantage to the Filly 50, though, is that it has a wider range: the Kymco Filly 50 has a 1.6-gallon fuel tank.

Another significant quality that sets the Kymco Filly 50 apart from its brethren, including the ZX 50, is the amount of storage space that the Filly 50 offers. All of the Filly 50 scooters have an extra amount of space underneath the seat, and also have an extra space inside of the glove box. The storage slots of the Filly 50 are more useful than those found in other scooters that have an open storage slot.

Kymco Filly LX 50

In the U.S. scooter market in particular, Kymco only offers the Filly 50 in silver, whereas in other countries outside of North America it is also offered in black.

By and large, the Filly 50 appeals to scooter buyers who seek a very basic and classic model of scooter. Those who prefer four-stroke engines in lieu of two-stroke engines, which are more peppy but less fuel efficient, may also choose to purchase the Filly 50 instead of the Kymco ZX or another similar type of bike in the same vein. Reliability and affordability are the two most desirable qualities of the Filly 50, and those looking for a very basic buy in a simple scooter that will take its driver from one point to another dependably are drawn to the Kymco Filly 50’s charming design and stability.

Kymco’s earlier scooters, the ones usually referred to as basic but classic, lack the refined qualities and gadgetry of newer models, but they are considered to be more reliable and fuel-efficient.

New For 2004

More storage space than in the 2001 model.

Kymco Filly LX 50
Kymco Filly LX 50
Kymco Filly LX 50

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