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2005 Suzuki C90 Slays the Dragon

By Cole(Owner), Jun. 13, 2009

I’m an owner of the 2005 Suzuki C90, and I just returned from a trip to the “Tail of the Dragon” in Deals Gap, NC. I live in Chicago, IL, so the trip to the Dragon was really long, and our group battled some seriously inclement weather on our ride back home. All in all, the ride wasn’t for the fai. nt of heart, and yet despite it all, my C90 handled everything like a champ.

I rode with a large array of different bikes, including two Goldwings, an ElectraGlide Classic, an FLHTCUI Ultra Classic, a 1200 Sportster, a StreetGlide, a Road King, an Aero, and an R1. All of the bikes rode like champs, but I can only speak to the comfort and handling of the C90, so this is what I’ll focus on.

The wide tires, comfortable seat, and low center-of-gravity allowed the C90 to handle like a champ. I was on the bike for an average of six-hours per day, for six days. I added an extended 2.0 gallon GMan fuel last year, so my bike never ran low on fuel first.

As a matter of fact, there were at least a couple of times when I would simply forgo fuel ups at designated stops, because I simply didn’t need the additional fuel.

The ‘twisties’ the Dragon dealt to me were no match for my C90. It handled like a champ, and the stock suspension felt just right around the turns. While we were down there, we also visited Mt.

Mitchell, which is the highest point in the Appalachian Mtns. Despite this, my bike never needed any fuel map adjustments and performed very nicely.

On our drive back to Chicago, we hit some seriously tumultuous rain, but we all powered onward. We rode almost non-stop from Pigeon Forge, TN to Indianapolis, IN at a decent pace, and the C90 felt great. There were a couple of times that I needed to stretch out during the ride, but despite this, the stock C90 seat felt great.

Suzuki C 90
Suzuki C 90

As I approached home, I did notice some misfiring going on in the C90, but this was right after a fuel stop. The gas had Ethanol in it, so I presume that this had something to do with it. While I approached home, I flipped the switch that dumped the contents of the GMan fuel reserve into the primary, and things immediately improved.

The fuel in the GMan tank actually came from an earlier fuel stop, so that’s why I came to the conclusion that the fuel from our final stop (the fuel containing Ethanol) may have caused the sputtering problem.

Regardless, yesterday I took the C90 into the dealership for a full service, which was definitely overdue. As an owner of the C90, I have to say that I’m really impressed with it. I have just about 10,000 miles on it, and it’s never let me down.

I love riding it and look forward to achieving an Iron Butt Award on it later this summer. I definitely recommend this powerhouse of a bike to anyone…it’s comfortable, reliable, and it never seems to run out of power in any gear.

If you buy this bike, definitely plan on doing a pair valve job to it, buy a Performance Commander, and definitely buy an extended GMan fuel cell. For longer distance riding, buy some bags, a trunk, and some highway pegs. After you install these after-market items, you will probably never want to get rid of this bike. I’ve also added things like a throttle lock, a Garmin Zumo 550 GPS Unit, and a Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Bluetooth headset.

I can make and answer phone calls while riding, get turn-by-turn directions, listen to my music, and communicate with the other riders in my pack. I love this bike!

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