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MrAxileas: are they reliable? ive heard horible things about ktm’s reliability and i really wanna get an 625 smcп»ї

Travis Barker: wich year is it?

Chad Lilly: Rubber Metal Sexy.

BloodhaysGaming: @xianshengzhengxiong HEHE yeah, this one time i had my dad push me on my Cb750 down a hill, to try and start it, when i realized i didnt have the key turned :

BastardBiker: I hadn’t heard about that type of clutch before. How is it different in performance than a typical setup?

Dodge Rider: @woolstonman Unfortunately my bike already is too lean from the factory. It has a hanging idle issue whenever it gets below 50 degrees which is indicative of a very lean mix. I could turn the fuel screw way out to fix it, but the real issue is that I need a richer idle circuit, not a richer fuel/air screw setting. Since I already have the jet kit on order I’ll just do it at the same time as the exhaust.

Worst case it will be too quiet and I’ll have to get something else anyway.

Mitchell Trebyck: Nice bike dude! What did you pay?

Dodge Rider: @420FlyByNight Yeah. I’ve been trying to get footage for it all day but it was only 33F by noon today. I should have a new intro ready within a week or so. I mean, you can’t really expect me to be doing wheelies on the new bike after just 2 days, right?