Buell Ulysses XB12X

2008 Buell Ulysses XB12X

Adventure Sportbike has Heated Grips and New Front End for 2008

Significant changes to the front suspension and steering, plus powertrain enhancements, improve the performance of the 2008 Buell® Ulysses® XB12X, an adventure sportbike designed to carry its rider in comfort on the most challenging of roads.

Compared with other XB models, Ulysses features long-travel suspension, ample ground clearance and more aggressive tyres that allow it to explore the roughest roads with confidence. But when the surface is smooth and twisty, Ulysses performs like a flickable, agile sportbike. Innovative features and accessories make Ulysses a comfortable, capable long-distance traveler or commuter.

This versatile motorcycle can take its rider where ever the road is headed.

The 2008 Ulysses will benefit from the newly developed Thunderstorm™ V-Twin engine displacing 1203cc and producing 94 horsepower at 6800 rpm and 77 ft. lbs./104Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. It features an increase in maximum revs, now 7100 rpm up from 6800 rpm, giving this engine a broader powerband and riders the ability to accelerate longer through the gears. The engine also boasts electronic fuel injection and dry-sump oiling.

New 47mm front forks replace the previous 43mm forks. Secured with more robust triple camps, this new front end improves the torsional rigidity of the entire chassis. Fork flex is reduced during hard braking for improved stability and feedback.

Steering sweep lock-to-lock is significantly increased to 74 degrees from 54 degrees to reduce the turning radius in low-speed manoeuvres. New off-set triple clamps maintain the 23.5 degree rake and 122mm trail.

Heated hand grips are now standard equipment on the 2008 Ulysses®. The grips are rated at 18 watts per side on the High setting and 11 watts per side on the Low setting.

New air guides positioned on the tail section of the Ulysses deflect engine heat away from the rider’s legs.

Modifications to the 1203 Thunderstorm™ V-Twin engine enhance performance, reduce maintenance, and allow a new redline of 7100 rpm. (see separate Thunderstorm release for details)

The instrument panel styling is refreshed and the tachometer reflects the new 7100-rpm redline.

To commemorate Buell Motorcycle Company’s 25th Anniversary, a graphic with Erik Buell’s signature is placed on the handlebar clamp.

New colour: The 2008 Ulysses XB12X is offered in a new colour, Thrust Blue, in addition to Barricade Orange and Midnight Black, each with Magnesium Tone wheels.

Ulysses ® XB12X: Imagine the Possibilities

The Buell Ulysses is a usable high-performance Adventure Sport motorcycle that has the handling and agility to conquer the urban jungle, twisty mountain passes, big country open roads or rugged fire trails. Premium Showa® front and rear suspension is fully adjustable. Rear spring preload can be adjusted for passenger and luggage weight simply by turning a dial located below the left side of the seat.

Suspension travel is 165mm in front and 162mm at the rear. Ground clearance is 171mm. The lower centre of mass achieved by carrying fuel in the frame and oil in the swingarm enhances agility off road, while low unsprung weight helps keep the tyres in contact with uneven road surfaces for improved traction and control.

The 17-inch, six-spoke, reinforced cast-aluminium wheels feature a durable rim design. A dual front fender system provides debris protection for the rider and the bike.

For enhanced comfort, the high, wide handlebar with a cross brace is equipped with deflectors and a two-piece windscreen designed to limit buffeting. The innovative Triple Tail™ system folds through three positions to function as a luggage rack with tie-down hooks over the rear seat position, as a cushioned passenger backrest with grab rails, or as a luggage rack extended over the rear fender. The Ulysses has two 10 amp/12-volt accessory power outlets (one on the dash, another under the seat) and a large under-seat storage compartment.

The broad powerband and abundant torque of the 94-hp (70kW) Buell® Thunderstorm 1203 V-Twin engine gives the Ulysses the ability to charge through twisty corners or proceed at lower speeds over uneven, unpaved roads with less gear shifting.

Buell® Ulysses® XB12X highlights

Buell Thunderstorm™ 1203 V-Twin engine

94 peak hp / 70kW @ 6800 rpm (per SAE J607)

77 ft. lbs./104Nm peak torque @ 6500 rpm (per SAE J607)

Buell InterActive Exhaust

New DDFI 3 Electronic Fuel Injection ECM

New eight-row oil cooler with Jiffy-tite fittings

Dry Weight: 193Kg

Wheelbase: 1370mm

Pirelli® Scorpion Sync tyres

New 74-degree steering sweep

New offset triple clamps

New fully adjustable 47mm Showa® upside-down fork

Frame pucks, handlebar deflectors and headlight grille

Triple Tail™ System

16.7 litre fuel capacity

Functional tool kit

2 x 12v. power outlets

New heated hand grips

New Instrument Panel Graphics

New Thrust Blue body work

Commemorative Buell 25th Anniversary badge

The Ulysses enhancements outlined reflect Buell’s response to consumer and media feedback on previous versions.

2008 developments for the Thunderstorm™ 1203:

New Timing System

The timer cover is eliminated, as the engine is now crank-timed from a new crank position sensor. The ECM actively monitors and adjusts timing based on the riding environment. The new sensor makes 30 reads per revolution, compared to the previous two reads per revolution, for more precise control of fuel-mapping and timing to conditions.

More Robust Crankpins

The size of the crankpins is increased to 38mm from 32mm.

Oiling System Upgraded

A higher-output oil pump supports oiling to the new crankpin area. The new pump is driven off of the crank, a design based on the Buell XBRR production racing motorcycle.

A new eight-row oil cooler offers enhanced cooling performance.

All oil line ends are now equipped with Jiffy-tite fittings.

New DDFI 3 ECM (Engine Control Module)

A new ECM with increased computing capacity.

DDFI 3 actively controls and monitors the TPS (throttle position sensor), IAC (idle air control), and timing. DDFI 3 automatically zeros the TPS and adjusts fuel metering for smoother idle, eliminating service needs and reducing the cost of ownership.

A new progressive throttle cam and new throttle cables provide smoother throttle input and less rotation to full throttle.

Buell® Ulysses® XB12X Technical Specification:

Type Air/oil/fan cooled, 4 stroke, 45 V-Twin

Displacement 1203 cc

Bore and Stroke 88.9 mm x 96.8 mm

Compression ratio 10.0:1

Valves OHV, two valves per cylinder

Front wheel Reinforced XB-type 6-spoke, ZTL™ cast aluminium,

3.5 in x 17 in

Rear wheel Reinforced XB-type 6-spoke, cast aluminium, 5.5 in x 17 in


Type Five-speed, helical gear

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