Suzuki B King Concept

2008 Suzuki B-King GSX1300BK(same base Gen2 engine as Hayabusa)+Extras – #x0024;8490 (Wausau Area)

2008 Suzuki B-King GSX1300BK

11,807 Miles (at time of posting)


One owner, Garaged, Great shape, + Extras of which include.

Two Brothers Racing Dual V.A.L.E. Slip-on Carbon Fiber Exhaust, TBR Fender Eliminator, TBR P1 P1X Race Power Tips (3-4dB 7-8dB noise suppressors). The slip on were made to run with or without inserts (the inserts were extra).

It is loud without any inserts, just louder than stock with the P1’s, and somewhere in-between with the P1X (currently installed).

Woolich Racing Logbox/ECU Editor, ECU Interface Harness, USB Cable, PC Software. This is the be-all-end-all in engine tuning. With this you can access many of the ECU’s features directly. including but not limited to fuel mapping (even has auto-tuning to assist you), ignition timing, STP’s, Enable/Disable engine/sensor options, removing limiters. The device has 3 modes.

Engine Monitoring (via Computer), Data-logging to SD Card (for retrieval of run information for tuning), and ECU Flashing (for saving changes back to the ECU). The great thing is, once you’re done tuning, you can remove it, since all changes are saved directly to the ECU there is no need to leave it piggy-backed (unless you want to datalog). The engine is currently tuned for the parts that are installed.

Going back to stock is easy (but I do not know why you would want to).

Innovate LC-1 Wideband Controller, Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor, Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, PC Software.

Custom Fiberglass Air Intakes. The stock intakes would not allow enough air in to get the full flow that the slip-on pipes would allow. These intakes were a limited professional run from a machinist whom also had a B-King (lucky for us B-King owners).

It more than doubles the intake size and relocates the intake air to draw cool air from the side pods (semi-ram air) instead of the hot air directly above the valve covers and behind the radiator.

Garmin Nuvi 550 GPS, RAM Mount, USB Power Supply. I will also include the car mount w/ cigarette lighter adapter for when it’s raining and you have to take an automobile. Note, this GPS is specifically designed for motorcycles so it is weather resistant and works well with gloves.

National Cycle V-Stream Windshield. This offers great wind protection at higher speeds. Since this is actually mounted under the handlebar risers, it is very stable (unlike some of the headlight mounted shields I have seen).

OES Accessories Frame Sliders, Swingarm Spool Sliders, Fork Sliders.

P.A.I.R. Eliminators (needed for any type of tuning)

KN Air Filter.

Amber Lighted Mirrors (shape matches bike appearance much better than stock).

2 Auxiliary Relayed Power Circuits (one running the O2, other running lighted mirrors + GPS).

Throttle Lock style ‘Cruise’

Both the Passenger Seat and the Blank Cover (seat installed on pictures) are included. Also all of the stock parts originally on the bike will be included as well. Muffler, Exhaust Covers, Mirrors, Tail Assembly, PAIR, Narrowband O2 sensor, Air Filter, Airbox Tubes (the tubes would require a half airbox cover due to the increased size of the fiberglass intakes).

New tires installed just recently (still haven’t even worn off all of the ‘new tire hairs’ yet).

3 Motorcycle stands. Swingarm Rear Stand (w/ Fork Adapters), Triple Tree Stand, Wheel Chock Stand.

About the bike.

The 2008 B-King is basically a naked Hayabusa. It was a 1-year release bike in the U.S. that Suzuki ran as current year, for several years, until supplies diminished. The bike is a blast to ride and twisting the throttle demands respect restraint.

Even though this is a slightly heavier bike (when compared to the lighter 750cc/1liter bikes), it still handles corners very well (almost like its weight disappears).

Suzuki B King Concept

It uses the same 1340cc Gen2 Busa engine that’s in the Hayabusa’s. For point of reference, the Dyno charts published on the TBR site put a stock bike @ 169.8 HP, and then 176.1 HP after the slip-on exhaust pipes were installed (these are the same model pipes that are currently installed on the bike). Those values do not take into consideration the other modifications done to the bike besides the slip-on’s.

I personally like this over a superbike for two reasons. The first is the riding position (the bike has risers vs. clamps so it has a comfortable, more upright, riding position). The second is the insurance premiums (this bike is classified as a standard bike, not a superbike. as such insurance is about a third of what it would be for a Busa).

So basically you get all the power of a superbike without the high insurance rates.

Honestly, I really love this bike (people did a double take when I told them I was going to sell it). It really comes down to two reasons actually. First, I could use the money (funny how it comes down to that).

Second, I don’t ride as much as I use to since a family member I rode with on a regular basis, stopped riding his motorcycle due to health reasons.

The bike is currently financed, so payment will take place at a local bank where you can get the title and the lien release all at the same time I receive the payment. This will actually make it a very safe transaction for both of us.

One thing to note. this bike is in great shape and I want it to stay that way. Do not expect to get a Test-Drive to Try out the bike. I hate to sound harsh, but the running trend is people ‘trying’ bikes (i.e. running them ragged) and then ‘thinking’ about it (i.e. no real interest in buying).

Plus with this specific bike I would have to worry about someone hurting themselves (and the bike) by underestimating the power. I will show you the bike, start it up, and show you it running down the road (weather permitting).

You can contact me thru the Craigslist email link if you want more info or would like to schedule a time to see it. Please be sure to give your name, call-back number, and a time I can reach you so I can call you back.

Location: Wausau Area

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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Suzuki B King Concept
Suzuki B King Concept
Suzuki B King Concept
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