Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50

2012 Piaggio Fly 50 4V

2012 Piaggio Fly 50 4V Review

2012 Piaggio Fly 50 4V

Style, comfort and safety on two wheels in the most classic Piaggio style.

Piaggio Fly is reborn, mobility for all. Anywhere in the world.

The new Piaggio Fly is the most modern heir to the great Piaggio tradition as the first European scooter manufacturer and leader in the search for easy and elegant solutions to provide mobility for all.

Piaggio Fly is the global scooter from Piaggio, designed and built for the entire world. Easy and safe, from the very first version Fly has embodied the spirit of Piaggio, one of the great global players in the scooter sector, whose mission is to meet the needs and desires of extremely wide ranges of users in every country in the world.

Now Piaggio Fly is renewed with an elegant style, completely revamped, and it offers new features of protection which are worthy of a much larger scooter.

The new Piaggio Fly now presents itself as the scooter which combines functionality and simplicity of use with the elegance of Italian design. The new Fly intends to bear the technical values and the design style which make Piaggio vehicles stand out in the world. It is the two wheeled vehicle of a thousand uses and a thousand spirits, always at ease in any situation which city life may bring, from commuting to school and work to spending free time with friends in the most glamorous parts of the city.

One of the most stimulating challenges for even a leader like Piaggio was to provide attractive lines and equip a project conceived and designed for daily mobility with exciting content. A strong aesthetic characterisation and absolute coherence with the brand’s family feeling was the path that Piaggio designers chose to characterise the new Fly. The result was a vehicle which presents itself as the faithful accomplice with which the rider tackles city life, expressing a clear personality and a strong aesthetic affinity to the elegant lines of the Piaggio range.

2012 Piaggio Fly 50 4V Model Highlights


The new Fly is the expression of a new concept of functionality in which the balance of volumes generates usable space equal to a mini GT.

The elegant and Italian style can be seen in the painstakingly crafted and painted surfaces, the details and chromium plating and in the attention to every minimum detail.

Compact dimensions, ideal for beating city traffic, are accompanied by modern and personal lines which transmit solidity and the image of a small GT scooter, agile and comfortable.

The new Fly includes all of the elements of style from the most recent Piaggio productions, smoothness and dynamism blend perfectly in reassuring and never trite lines. Volumes and proportions were handled decisively by the designer’s pen and the result is strong dynamism in the lines which do an excellent job of bringing out the brilliance of the latest addition to the Piaggio family.

The front end is prominent and penetrating, characterised by the necktie which, on the Fly, is an elegant black. The handlebar hosts a triangular shaped headlight surrounded by a chromium frame which connects it to the instrument panel, refined by a glossy black brow.

The low saddle is comfortable and provides easy seating to riders of any height, also hiding a spacious helmet compartment. The footrest has enough space to stretch out your legs, which works in favour the rider’s convenience and comfort. The entire package is characterised by meticulous attention to detail, matching and finishing with chromium plated elements such as the glove box handle and the fuelling hatch.

The wheel rims are made up of 5 rolling and doubled silver coloured spokes, just like the front fork and the transmission housing.

The slim back end is completed by a metallic silver coloured luggage rack and a unique tail light which includes turn indicators and rear light to make the vehicle sleek and to lighten its view from the rear.


The fuel tank was designed under the footrest, an extremely rational solution which means no sacrifice of capacity and an increased potential load for the storage compartment under the saddle which can hold 2 jet helmets with visors.

Access for refuelling is achieved through the hatch located on the lower part of the leg shield back plate which opens with a handle and hides the locking fuel cap. The black rear passenger footrests are the fold-out type and increase comfort and improve vehicle space.

The scooter has two stands: the centre stand to provide more stability for the stopped vehicle and the side stand, with a stop engine sensor for safe use.

The compact dimensions represent a valuable quality for a scooter destined primarily for city use: the new Fly provides improved vehicle space thanks to the riding triangle designed to accommodate access by various size riders; the double-seat saddle is just 760 mm off the ground, allowing any size rider to safely reach the ground.

Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50

Maximum use has been made of the spaces: besides the spacious storage compartment under the saddle, the glove compartment in the leg shield rear plate can hold small, every day objects (wallet and mobile phone) while the convenient bag hook comes out of the saddle. Finally, the large, flat footrest allows transportation of more bulky objects. The luggage carrier, which also acts as a handle for the passenger, also provides the possibility of mounting a spacious top box.


The new Piaggio Fly frame is completely new, made from steel piping and moulded and welded reinforcing: a single open cradle structure, sturdy and resistant to breaks and bends, guaranteeing precision and safe riding.

The new Fly mounts a hydraulic telescopic fork with 32 mm stanchions, while a monoshock operates on the rear wheel, using the engine as swinging element in keeping with true scooter philosophy.

The 12 wheels and the wide, tubeless tyres (120/70 on the front and back) complete the high level chassis, ensuring excellent overall balance and agility fit for traffic.

The braking system is made up of a large diameter (220 mm) front disc brake, with a brake drum (140 mm diameter) mounted on the rear wheel.


The 50 cc 4 stroke, 4 valve engine that powers the new Fly has both clean consumption and brilliant performance at the same time. It is a modern engine developed to combine performance and respect for the environment, a top priority for a scooter destined for city commutes.

The 50 cc, thanks to the use of 4 valve timing, boasts the brilliance of the two stroke little 50’s but the fuel economy and emissions remain those of a 4 stroke engine. The thermal part and the timing were optimised with the intention of reaching higher rpms safely and easily, thereby achieving greater power. Improved through-flow, also the result of the new multi-valve head, translates to optimised combustion, reduced fuel consumption and lower than ever emissions.

The new Fly, in addition to the 50 4 stroke, 4 valve, will be available in 125 and 150 cc injection versions; modern single cylinder 4 strokes which combine great performance sparkle with reduced fuel consumption and extremely contained emissions, thanks also to a transmission and shifting setting which increases mileage and reduces noise.

Cooling Forced air

Transmission Twist-and-go CVT with torque server

Clutch Automatic centrifugal dry clutch

Transport frame Single cradle structure in tubular steel with pressed reinforcements

Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50
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