Honda Fury

2013 Honda Fury

2013 Honda Fury Base

There are certain name brands that stick out no matter what and the Honda name is one that definitely does. Most people tend to think of the high quality coupes and sedans offered by the Japanese auto manufacturer. Many would be surprised to learn that this company actually got its start making vehicles of the two-wheeled varieties.

In the years following the second World War in the Far East as well as in Europe the demand for motor bikes and motorcycles seemed to reach an all new high. In answer to this growing demand for affordable, convenient transportation in the urban areas and elsewhere, several companies got their starts including Honda. After the initial production began, it didn’t take long for the superior engineering and designs to make their mark on the local market.

The company’s dirt bikes and motorcycles were soon entered into competitions and races all over Europe and the East. As a result, the Honda name, along with its products, quickly became a common everyday household word throughout the world. As pretty much everyone knows, Honda continued to grow and produce a more diversified line of products, including adding cars to the mix.

However well received its four-wheeled offerings have been there are plenty of Honda fans who remain so because of the company’s motorcycle products.

All of this leads us up to the present day and release of the 2013 Honda Fury. This street cruiser bike is getting plenty of attention from fans and the experts alike. Like most of its siblings and predecessors, the Fury is an incredibly well built machine with plenty going for it in terms of engineering and design.

The body style is on the sparse side for what many people think of in terms of a cruiser. It doesn’t have the almost heavy appearance so much of its competition does. Visually the design is intended to draw the eyes to the impressive and incredibly powerful V-twin engine. All of that chrome sitting under the seat is hard to miss. The sleek black gas tank only helps to enhance the overall visual appeal of the Fury.

Honda Fury

The handlebars are set low enough to allow for fast riding, while still providing a comfortable position for those long drives. After all, the 2013 Fury is a cruiser after all.

While good looks are worth their weight in gold, it would be a mistake not to mention the power and superb handling of this bike. The impressive V-twin engine has already been mentioned, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to do so again. Almost every test rider has had positive things to say about this powertrain.

The V-twin is paired with five-speed transmission that seems to be able to handle anything that’s thrown at it. The gas tank is capable of holding 3.4 gallons of fuel and the estimated fuel economy for this bike comes in at 45 mpg. That’s a good thing since you and this model are going to have a great time cruising the open road.

New For 2013

For the 2013 model year, the Honda Fury is its same old impressive self.

Honda Fury
Honda Fury
Honda Fury
Honda Fury

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