AJS Regal Raptor DD125E (12 Plate)

What do you think about this video?

Justin Chiarini: Yeah you can unbolt the back rest it come off easily. You have to add a few washers to the spacing to make everything tighten up again. It looks good with it off I did it.

Jamie P F: nice looking 125cc! do you know if there is anyway removing that backrest?

plonkerblonde: Hello mate, I’ve looked at numerous videos regarding this bike and indeed other AJS 125’s. I’m looking at getting one of these, not for speed. Primarily for commuting to and from work and socialising.

I was just wondering on your opinion, is it good? Reliable? Does it keep up with traffic or is it like a 50cc scooter? Just general info :). is it comfortable. ).

Hoor V: this is a chinese 125, it can not do 81 mph, its just impossible, and this is too heavy a bike. you will be lucky to get it up to 65 mph, more like 61 or 62. they sell these down the street from me. the 250 model should get to 81 mph, but not the 125 cc. heh my 125 suzuki hardly gets past 65/70, and thats a quality 6 gear 125 cc 2012 bike.

burnsy1690: Hi there i also have this bike wich is the 2008 model. I love it! Very comfortable and nice power when you need it, even better at the fact its a twin cylinder 4 stroke