CZ Single 250
CZ Single 250


Origins [ edit ]

The Yezdi Roadking was the successor of the not-too-successful Yezdi OilKing.The OilKing was the first motorcycle in India to attempt to move away from pre-mixed fuel to a separate oil lube system via an oil pump.The box like shape on the left hand cover housed the oil pump.Unfortunately this system had a very high failure rate resulting in piston seizures.This resulted in the dis-continuation of the OilKing and the birth of the Roadking.The Roadking, though, still had (has)the box on the left hand side of the engine, that housed the oil pump in the OilKing. The Yezdi Roadking was originally based on 1974 CZ, where the original bore and stroke of 70mm ×64mm (2.76in ×2.52in) was retained as it was, but with less power than its Motocross original.

The engine block is smaller and different from the Yezdi Classic in appearance. Also the CZ original had the famous Porcupine Head while the same was used only in initial models, later reverted to regular straight fin design. The cylinder block (Type 980.5) was from CZ.Just like in the older Ideal Jawa or the Ideal Yezdi,the Roadking too came with an original Tesla (Czechoslovakian) headlight bulb as standard.

Chassis frame [ edit ]

The chassis frame is single frame of motocross origins and was built out of square tube. The fork was more pronounced with a higher rake angle and came with adjustable shock absorbers. Rims were 16inches.

The motocross and ice racing origin frame and proper weight balance made handling very easy and agile compared to its rivals in India.

Engine [ edit ]

The cylinder block was from CZ which had an over square bore x stroke. Carburetors were either Jikov (tickler choke ) or Pacco (press type choke) of which the earlier was exclusively for Roadking, while the latter was used for Classic models. The spark plugs were of cold type and the bike also featured a semi-automatic or auto clutch. where a cam inside the gearbox housing automatically activated the clutch through a cam which is unique to this and other Yezdi models in India.

The familiar Jawa-CZ twin exhaust ports made the unmistakable sound when the exhaust flute mufflers and end-cores were removed. Another unique feature of the bike was that the kick-starter and the gear shared the same rod as with all Yezdi models. Once the gear rod is reversed it doubles as a kicker and once started it automatically returns to the original position.

CZ Single 250

The lever has an intenal cam which engages/disengages the clutch when you shift the gear thereby precluding the need for a hand-clutch.

Monarch [ edit ]

Yezdi Monarch

In 1996 the Auto Expo Yezdi displayed a model which used the Yezdi 350’s twin frame, Roadking engine and a sleeker fueltank. The rims were 18inch as opposed to the regular 16inch. However, it sold only few numbers. Although some attribute its low sales volume to the company’s need to get rid of the additional Yezdi 350 frames that remained in the factory after the twin model was stopped.

However this is disputed. One of the finest engines ever made in the history of Indian motorcycling.

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