Aprilia Caponord Rally

2004 Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord Rally-Raid

The intention behind the Caponord was to design a bike capable of guaranteeing class-leading performance and power but with an impeccable chassis for ridability, comfort and safety at all levels. The new Caponord Rally-Raid is the perfect machine for the adventure-hungry traveller, the rider who knows no limits and who has an unquenchable desire to clock up kilometre after kilometre over all types of terrain.

The 60� V twin engine is one of the Caponord’s many strong points. This power unit is derived directly from that of the RSV, but has been thoroughly modified to make it perfect for touring.

From the word go, development aimed to achieve excellent ergonomics, rider and passenger comfort, and total wind protection. The Caponord Rally-Raid can tackle even the longest journeys without fatiguing its rider and passenger, and its load-carrying capacity makes it as versatile as any motorcycle can possibly be. The new sump guard, tubular steel body protectors and hand guards demonstrate the bike’s eagerness for adventure.

The Caponord Rally-Raid features even better suspensions, for exceptional stability and comfort under all riding conditions and for strength on gruelling off-road sections. The Marzocchi 50 mm fork has an increased wheel travel of 200 mm. The fork internals are based on piston and cartridge hydraulics like those used in competition motocross machines. Compression adjustment is provided on the RH fork leg and rebound adjustment on the LH fork leg.

The result is a hitherto unachievable capacity to absorb even the hardest knocks combined with the sort of handling never before experienced from a maxi enduro. The chassis is completed by an aluminium alloy swing-arm with a new rising rate linkage featuring APS (Aprilia Progressive System).

The Sachs hydraulic monoshock has a separate nitrogen reservoir for improved cooling under harsh riding conditions, and provides adjustments for rebound and compression as well as a practical hydraulic preload adjustment that can be operated without getting off the bike. So the riding setup that many have defined as the standard-setter for this class of motorcycle has just got even better! Rear wheel travel has also increased to 200 mm.

Another area in which the Caponord Rally-Raid has been improved is the transmission. The front sprocket has been reduced from 17 to 16 teeth to give a lower final drive ratio and even better acceleration and pickup. First gear is lower, making it more useful in difficult off-road conditions, but top speed has actually increased a few km/h as the result of a higher maximum engine speed.

Riders who wish to keep their revs down on long motorway journeys can fit a 17 tooth sprocket instead of the standard 16 tooth one. All Caponord models are homologated for use with both sprockets.

The Rally-Raid is fitted with extra protection in the form of an aluminium sump guard and carbon fibre engine guard on a new tubular steel frame. A protective grille guards the oil cooler against accidental stone damage. The bodywork is also protected by a high strength tubular steel frame, specially designed to protect the bike against knocks and falls.

All these parts combine maximum strength and protection with minimum weight, and give the bike a decisive and aggressive look.

The fairing has been completely redesigned to make the entire machine more compact. The direction indicators are no longer incorporated, and the faired hand guards have been replaced by traditional handlebar hand guards that provide effective protection against the elements and prevent injury by trees and bushes along narrow off-road tracks. The silencers have undergone restyling too.

The new units are fitted with anodised aluminium shields that combine exclusive materials and finish with Aprilia’s traditional skill in weight reduction. Even the front mudguard has been redesigned to make it more effective off road. Its special new design helps prevent mud sticking to it on challenging terrain.

The two 40 litre aluminium panniers are another Caponord Rally-Raid exclusive. This practical, and robust luggage is easily detachable and lockable, and is designed to withstand even extreme use. With the addition of the optional top case, the Rally-Raid offers an impressive 110 litres of luggage capacity.

The high strength tubular steel luggage mounting frame also affords effective protection to the rear of the bike when the luggage is not carried.

The ETV 1000 Caponord is equipped with Aprilia’s muscular 60� V twin, which really demonstrates its incredible versatility in this bike. Powerful and aggressive in the RSV, in the Caponord this engine is tuned for progressive control, smooth power and an exceptionally flat torque curve. In short, the perfect engine for relaxed long distance touring.

The Rally-Raid’s power unit maintains all the technical features that have made Aprilia’s V990 such a success:

Electronic fuel injection with 47 mm throttle bodies.

CDI capacitor discharge ignition combined with two spark plugs per cylinder.

Dry sump lubrication.

Mixed gear/chain valve timing drive.

Euro 2 standard catalysed exhaust.

The Rally-Raid also incorporates the following exclusive Aprilia patents:

AVDC (Anti Vibration Double Countershaft) system Hydraulic clutch assisted by the patented PPC (Pneumatic Power Clutch) system to control rear wheel bounce.

Differential injection mapping for both cylinders ensuring optimum fuel burn in each. The introduction of the catalyser and

Lambda oxygen sensor necessitated different fuel injection mapping. This has been done in such a way that power delivery at low revs has improved without penalising maximum power which remains the same as in the previous model.

Tuned intake and exhaust systems for the highest possible torque at low engine speeds. Air intakes are 70 mm in diameter and exhaust pipes are accurately sized to match.

High power alternator, capable of providing plenty of electrical energy for this true tourer, powering the high visibility front headlight cluster and whatever accessories you care to plug in to the convenient 12 Volt accessory socket.

The engine of the Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord Rally-Raid delivers 98 HP (72 kW) at the crank at 8,250 r.p.m. (ECE corrected) and a maximum torque of 9.68 kgm (95 Nm) at 6,250 r.p.m..

The Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord features a variable geometry aluminium twin spar frame in extruded and reinforced aluminium alloy welded on to aluminium-magnesium alloy castings. This advanced frame gives the best torsional rigidity of its class.

Great care has been taken with the frame design to keep weight as close as possible to the bike’s centre of gravity. The special shape of the frame also guarantees a comfortable riding position and eliminates the turbulence and drag normally generated around the knees and legs.

The rear swing-arm, also in aluminium-magnesium alloy, has a chilled cast main section, extruded members and forged ends for the best possible combination of lightness and torsional rigidity. The unit’s design also maximises its weight/rigidity ratio.

To make parking easier despite the longer suspensions, the Caponord Rally-Raid has a longer side stand with a larger footprint to stop it sinking into soft ground. The Caponord Rally-Raid is also equipped with a higher centre stand for practical parking during touring use.

The exhaust system features two three-way catalysers and a Lambda probe oxygen sensor for perfect carburation control. The exhausts are made entirely from stainless steel (for constant performance over a long working life) and ensure that the Caponord Rally-Raid complies with the latest Euro 2 standards. The positioning and size of the silencers was determined as the result of extensive research into aerodynamics and ridability. The solution chosen ensures significant technical and practical advantages, including:

perfect balance;

low noise;

no irritating turbulence at high speeds;

compact, narrow tail for quick and easy pannier mounting.

The suspensions are heavy duty units derived from those of competition enduros, but are calibrated for exceptional comfort under all riding conditions, on or off the road.

50 mm Marzocchi long travel (200 mm) fork with separate hydraulic adjustments. The Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord Rally-Raid is the only twin cylinder trail bike with a 50 mm fork fitted as standard. The fork is derived from competition enduro forks for top level performance, strength and, above all else, flexural rigidity.

This is of tremendous importance to riding stability given the length of fork travel.

Sachs rear monoshock with separate nitrogen reservoir, adjustable in rebound, compression and preload, with APS (Aprilia Progressive System) linkage. A practical, easily accessible knob is provided for quick and easy suspension adjustment and to adapt action to all riding conditions from full load to off-road sports. Wheel travel is 200 mm.

The brakes on the Caponord Rally-Raid have been made even more powerful to cope with the extreme riding conditions the bike is capable of. The front braking system now features a floating stainless steel double disk unit, with floating callipers and differential diameter twin pistons (32 and 30 mm). This system ensures exceptional feel and instant stopping power, and absorbs all the flexing that tough off-road conditions can cause.

The rear brake is a 272 mm stainless steel disk with 34 mm twin piston calliper.

Seat height has been raised to 860 mm, and the handlebars are also accordingly higher to create a new riding position for perfect off-road control.

The raised saddle is shaped like a professional motocross or enduro saddle. The result is a perfect view ahead, a position from which you can stand up on the footrests in an instant, and a narrower profile for off-road manoeuvring. The passenger seat joins the rider seat to provide ample support for rider movement during off-road use.

The passenger seat can be removed if not used leaving a large load carrying area. A special cover fitting enables the spacious under-seat storage compartment to be locked even without the passenger seat in place.

The handlebars are new too, to optimise the changed riding position. They feature the latest double taper design and are made from high flexural strength anodised aluminium. The bars are held in higher single piece risers, with damped mountings to eliminate engine vibrations. The single piece riser design also gives a more rigid connection between the handlebars and the front wheel for maximum steering effect.

The rubber footrest sleeves can be easily removed for better control off-road when you wear motocross boots, yet another fine detail that boosts the versatility of the Caponord Rally-Raid.

The Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord is equipped as standard with Aprilia’s exclusive patented Tubeless Spokes Rim wheels for tubeless tyres and greatly improved active safety. The Rally-Raid comes fitted with road-going tyres, but to satisfy the taste for adventure of likely customers, the sale price includes a second set of 110/80 front and 150/70 R 17 rear off-road all-round knobbly tyres homologated for a maximum speed of 170 km/h.

The dashboard comprises two analog instruments and an easy to read multi-purpose digital display for clock, ambient temperature, coolant temperature, and fuel level. The display also flags up a service message to notify the rider when a service is due plus any injection system malfunction codes. (Malfunctions as such are signalled by a warning light.) Easy readability is ensured by large instrument size and blue back-lighting (adjustable to 3 levels of intensity). Blue back-lighting not only prevents eye fatigue but also gives the dashboard an even more exclusive yet functional appearance.

The Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord Rally-Raid features components of an exceptionally high level:

Brembo brakes. The front brake is a. 300 mm stainless steel double floating disk unit with a floating calliper and two differential diameter 32 and 30 mm pistons. The rear brake features a. 270 mm stainless steel disk and calliper with two opposed 34 mm diameter pistons.

Free form multi-focal light cluster with complex parabolic mirror. The beams are independently adjustable vertically and horizontally. This means that you can set up the headlight exactly as you want it for long distance touring even with full load and with all bags and accessories fitted.

Practical 12 V power socket for electrical. accessories.

The Caponord Rally-Raid is an exceptionally versatile motorcycle, capable of tackling any situation you care to throw at it. But if you want an even greater spirit of adventure, you can find it in the following optional accessories.

Protective front headlight grille for use off-road (not homologated for on-road use).

Aluminium 30 litre top case complete with mounting rack with cover security lock. Capacity 30 litres.

Heated hand grips

Hazard warning flashers (operating all four indicators)

Soft tank bag.

Engine type – Longitudinal 60� V twin four stroke, with patented AVDC system (Anti-Vibration Double Countershaft)

Cooling – Liquid cooling with three-way pressurised circuit.

Bore and stroke – 97 x 67.5 mm

Total displacement – 997.62 cc

Compression ratio – 10.4:1

Valve timing – Double overhead cam with mixed gear/chain timing drive, four valves per cylinder.

Maximum power at crankshaft – 98 HP (72 kW) at 8,250 r.p.m..

Maximum torque at crankshaft – 9.68 kgm (95 Nm) at 6,250 r.p.m.

Fuel injection – Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic injection. Lambdaprobe oxygen sensor in exhaust system. 47 mm diameter throttle bodies.

Exhaust system – Twin stainless steel silencers, one catalyser per silencer.

Fuel – 95 RON lead-free petrol

Ignition – Digital electronic ignition with TSI (Twin Spark Ignition) with two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition timing integrated in the injection control system.

Starter – Electric starter

Lubrication – Dry sump with separate oil reservoir. Double trochoidal pump with oil cooler. Circuit capacity 3.5 litres.

Aprilia Caponord Rally

Primary drive – Straight toothed gears. Transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.935)

Gearbox – 6 speed. Transmission ratios:

1st – 35/14 (2.5)

2nd – 28/16 (1.75)

3rd – 26/19 (1.368)

4th – 24/22 (1.091)

5th – 22/23 (0.957)

6th – 23/27 (0.852)

Final drive – Chain. Transmission ratio: 45/16. Alternative 17 tooth sprocket can be fitted.

Clutch – Multiple disk in oil bath with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control.

Frame – Sloping parallel twin spar frame in aluminium-magnesium alloy.Removable high strength steel seat mount frame.

Maximum length – 2,300 mm

Maximum width – 876 mm (at handlebars)

Maximum height – 1,460 mm (at windshield)

Seat height – 860 mm

Handlebar height – 1,135 mm at bar ends

Wheelbase – 1,568 mm

Trail – 129 mm

Steering angle – 27.8�

Front suspension – Marzocchi 50 mm hydraulic telescopic fork. 200 mm wheel travel. Piston and cartridge motocross type fork hydraulics.

Compression adjustment (on RH leg) and rebound adjustment (on LH leg).

Rear suspension – Aluminium alloy swing-arm. New rising rate linkage with APS (Aprilia Progressive System). Sachs hydraulic monoshock with mechanical compression and rebound adjustment and hydraulic preload adjustment. Separate nitrogen reservoir.

200 mm wheel travel.

Front brake – Brembo double floating stainless steel disks, � 300 mm. Floating calliper with two differential diameter 32 and 30 mm pistons. Semi-metallic brake pads.

Rear brake – Stainless steel disk, � 272 mm. Twin 34 mm piston calliper.

Wheels – Patented perfected spoked wheels for tubeless tyres.

Front – 2.50 X 19.

Rear – 4.00 X 17.

Tyres – Radial tubeless:

Front – 110/80 VR 19.

Rear – 150/70 R 17.

Alternative – Off road all-round. V max = 170 km/h.

Front – 110/80 R 19 M+S Tubeless.

Rear – 150/70 R 17 M+S Tubeless.

Battery – 12 V, 14 Ah.

Alternator – 470W.

Maximum all-up weight – Motorcycle + Rider + Passenger + luggage 478 kg.

Tank – Capacity 25 litres, 5 litre reserve.

Aprilia Caponord Rally
Aprilia Caponord Rally
Aprilia Caponord Rally
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