Aprilia RSV Mille SP

The Sixstroke Engine has extraordinary qualities. Capable of producing substantial torque at low RPM or peak power far greater than an equivalent poppet valved four-stroke, the development of Malcolme Beare’s Sixstroke Engine is back on track.


Aimed at those looking for a motorcycle for track use, this solo-seat model will bring the full racing potential of the discerning rider to the fore. In t erms of performance, ergonomics and a harmony some say approaches perfection, this machine delivers.

The new APRILIA RSV Mille R is designed for expert riders who require a street-legal alternative to the exotic SP.

The APRILIA RSV Mille R is a genuine jewel of technology, enhanced with the best running gear on offer from the world’s foremost manufacturers. It borrows many of the components and features fitted to the SP, but at a much more accessible price. As it is very much a hand-made motorcycle, the model run of the R is limited to about 1500 annually.

The Aprilia design team has achieved an outstanding result with the RSV Mille R – the new machine is a benchmark of the art of motorcycle engineering with its remarkable balance of style, technology, components, quality of finish, performance and durability – and all at a competitive price.

The componentry of the new model represent considerably more than a simple assembly of quality parts. The machine has been designed as a whole, and has been set up and tested, and modified where necessary, to achieve an equilibrium of performance and technology which has become Aprilia’s traditional trademark and the distinguishing characteristic of every Aprilia product.

The new model is produced in Aprilia black/fluoro red and uses the same racing graphics as the machines taking part in the superbike world championships.


The APRILIA RSV Mille R engine incorporates a number of the new features and technical solutions used on 2000 model RSV Mille. The powerful and reliable longitudinal 60 V twin – with four valves per cylinder and double overhead cams driven by a mixed chain and gear system – has been significantly modified to improve efficiency, range of use and performance.

the injection mapping has been modified to further improve regularity at idle and output at low revs, reduce jerkiness during deceleration and obtain a generally more fluid output. These modifications have also further reduced noise levels.

The idle adjustment screw has been relocated to facilitate access and adjustment. A new stainless steel oil tank obviates oil leaks and guarantees reliability even in the most extreme conditions.

Considerable work has also been invested in the transmission, with the addition of a chaineye for extra safety, given the extreme use to be expected of a machine designed for track use.

The clutch assembly has been completely reviewed and improved. As well as new aeronautical style metal braid tubing, the new clutch plates are made from a different friction material to help improve efficiency and durability. The clutch springs have been lightened making for a lighter lever action, further improving rider ergonomics.


A constant in this specialist version is the splendid double beam frame in box-type aluminium alloy, a mechanical jewel which has characterised the Aprilia twin since its first appearance.

The alloy rear subframe has been modified to accept the solo seat, and achieves a further reduction in overall weight.

The R features an Ohlins Racing piggy-back style nitrogen shock similar to that fitted to the SP, and fully adjustable in extension, pre-load, compression and length.

The inverted Ohlins Racing forks have 43 mm diameter tubes treated with titanium nitride which reduces stiction and increases durability. They have easily accessible external adjustment for damping, rebound, compression and preload, and wheel travel is 120 mm.

The brake callipers bolt to forged aluminium fork lowers to improve rigidity and thus also stability during braking, in line with the latest Grand Prix and SBK world championship experience. The callipers are the latest 4 piston gold anodised style, with revised friction material on both front and rear pads.


The exclusive APRILIA RSV Mille R stands out for the care and attention paid to even the smallest components. Attention which has enabled performance, feeling and ridability to be increased, reducing weight and further improving the quality and finish of the product.

The new fuel tank is made from special resins, resulting in a considerable weight reduction. This material is also an excellent choice for track use as it is more resistant than metal to dents and grazes.

The adjustable steering damper, again from the Ohlins Racing specialist line, has an exclusive double chamber configuration.

The instrument cover and front and rear mudguards are of carbon fibre.

The fairing screen is heat formed and scratch-proofed for optimum visibility and transparency, to guarantee a long life and a complete absence of visual distortions.

The steering stem is new, transferred directly from the SP version.

The throttle cables have been re-routed, giving a smoother throttle operation and achieving a neater appearance. We’ve taken advantage of this to add an Aprilia logo to the fork crown, the finishing touch for an exclusive and refined product.

The new wheels deserve special mention.

In collaboration with OZ, Aprilia designed and developed the wheels with the specific aim of producing the best aluminium wheel for a high performance motorcycle.

After in-depth analysis of products available on the international market, the design parameters were established on the basis of the know-how acquired by Aprilia and Oz during their respective activities in the racing world.

In a wheel, the most important requisites and parameters are associated with rigidity and the weight of the wheel itself.

During use, the wheel is continually under torsional and lateral stress. If the wheel is not sufficiently rigid, the stability of the machine may be compromised, upsetting the balance and thus reducing tyre adhesion.

The weight is also important as the wheel represents unsprung mass subject to considerable gyroscopic forces. A reduction in weight produces a corresponding reduction in the forces required to accelerate and manoeuvre the machine.

To satisfy the ambitious objectives set by Aprilia in terms of weight and rigidity, the best a vailable materials and production techniques were used. The wheel is made from Anticorodal 5051 forged aluminium using a forging press with a power of 8000 tons.

This technology (known and applied to date only in the Formula One, Formula Sport and Rally world and similar) enables production of wheels free from porosity – a possible defect during casting – and made from material with exceptional mechanical characteristics.

A finite element analysis then enabled the best possible design to be identified and, after testing various models, a version with six spokes dividing towards the edge of the channel was chosen.

The choice was not made exclusively on the basis of aesthetic criteria. This structure in fact permits optimum lateral and torsional rigidity.

The weight saving is exceptional: about 25% less for each wheel compared to the lightest wheel on the market using the more traditional cast aluminium technology.

Inertia has also been reduced by 25% with respect to traditional cast aluminium alloy wheels.

The sophisticated and approved tyres have been modified. In particular, as with the prestigious SP, the front boasts a 65 profile as standard, improving corner entry and maintenance of the trajectory during track use.

This product is the maximum expression of Aprilia quality, quality evident in every component, ISO 9001 certified and covered by the three year MotoGo guarantee.

Exclusive components on the RSV mille R

Aprilia RSV Mille SP
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